Unilever PureIt Asks Consumers about their Drinking Water: "Sure Ka Ba?"

My family and I have been using Pureit Water Purifier for more than a year now (read my product review here). To date, we have replaced the Germ Kill Kit twice (there are six of us at home) and continue to enjoy safe drinking water without worrying about contamination. 

Pureit variants: Excella, Marvella RO Slim, and Marvella UV
I'm glad that we've never gone back to buying purified water from water refilling stations because a study found out that almost 80 % of water refilling stations in the Philippines do not strictly follow the the Sanitary Code imposed by the Department of Health

stats about drinking water and consumers
According to the 2013 Kantar Worldpanel In-Home Packaged Water Report, roughly 60% of urban households buy their drinking water from refilling stations. That's a lot of families! Imagine the risks of water-borne illnesses dirty water can bring especially to children! The United Nations Children's Fund lists diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid fever among these deadly diseases.

I attended the launch of Unilever PureIt's "Sure Ka Ba?" Campaign where we watched a video that clearly shows how supposedly safe drinking water should not be blindly trusted if it is not purified right in your own home.

Unilever's Benjie Yap (left) and Brian Duruin (right)
with Pureit product endorser Dimples Romana
Brian Duruin, Pureit Brand Manager, explained, "Through the video, we wanted to show households, especially the moms, how refilled water can easily be contaminated due to improper handling and transport of containers and other human factors. This, in turn, can pose health risks for the family, especially the children."

with Pureit Excella, you just pour water in the upper chamber and wait for it to be purified
Unilever has introduced Pureit Excella to help address this concern. This in-home, non-electric water purifier converts tap water into clean and safe drinking water. Pureit's advanced five-step purification process eliminates 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses, and parasites to meet the stringent safety standards of the US Environmental Protection Agency.

water testing under black light
The Unilever Research and Development team and a microbiologist from SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company, conducted product demonstrations to showcase the efficacy of Pureit to eliminate microscopic disease-causing germs and bacteria. I was impressed to see how water, contaminated by a substance that can be seen under black light, came out clear and clean when passed through Pureit.

the benefits you get from Pureit
Benjie Yap, Unilever Vice President for Home Care and Foods, shared that Pureit's "Sure Ka Ba?" campaign and other efforts to bring safe drinking water closer to Filipino families are part of the Unilver Sustainable Living Plan, which allows them to provide health and wellness, environment, nutrition, and livelihood programs on a global scale.

Pureit Excella in one of the Avida Showroom units
Avida, one of the Philippines' leading real estate developers, supports Unilever and Pureit in the effort to provide households with access to safe drinking water to ensure their health. Thus, for the whole month of September, Pureit demo units will be on display at the Avida Showroom in Glorietta Center, Makati City

Pureit Marvella UV in another Avida Showroom unit
There, aside from Excella, you can also see Pureit's two other variants -- the Marvella RO Slim and the Marvella UV, inline water purifiers that both have an Advanced Alert System. that tells you when you need to replace the filter. For more information, please log on to www.pureitwater.com where you can also request for a free home demo of these affordable and money-saving water purifiers. 

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