Tenya Tempura Tendon Opens 3rd Branch in Market! Market! Bonifacio Global City

It's a known fact that Filipinos love food and that the Philippines continues to serve as a melting pot of cultural exchanges from all over the world. Although we strongly promote our own dishes, it's also good to be well-versed in the cuisines of other countries because, hey, they're also delicious!

All Star Tendon served with my favorite miso soup
Take for example Japanese classics like the Tonkatsu, Curry, and Ramen that have already established a growing number of Pinoy fans. But then, let's not forget another Japanese food staple -- the tendons. In Japan, it's been said the most delicious ones can be found in Tenya, which originated in Asakusa, Tokyo.

The good news is, Tenya is already here in the Philippines and they offer authentic Japanese Tendons that are exactly what the stores in Japan serve! In case you missed my other blog post about my first time to try Tenya in SM Megamall, please visit this link. It has photos of other Tenya offerings that are very mouthwatering.

event host Lexi Schulze with Tenya's Chukri Prieto and Iggy Ramos 
Now, the fast-growing dining establishment has two new branches, both located in Bonifacio Global City. One is in BGC Stopover Pavillon while the other is in Market! Market! I was at the latter the other day and happily ordered a bowl of ALL STAR TENDON that contains black tiger prawn, squid, salmon, kani stick, green beans, and mushroom tempuras on top of steaming hot Japanese rice and Tenya's signature Dontare sauce.

This sauce is a special blend that gives a sweet and umami touch to Tempura flavors. It is specially made by a boutique soy sauce factory (since the 1800's!) and then shipped to every Tenya store worldwide.

gotta admit, it's quite hard to take a bite of the bear! :(
For dessert, I had Ning-Yo Yaki Sundae, which has vanilla ice cream in Nutella topped with a baked Japanese cake shaped like a cute bear and caramelized popcorn. I love the different flavors and textures!

Here are other tendon creations you may want to try when you visit Tenya in the coming days:

A delicious ensemble of battered, deep-fried seafood (black tiger prawn, squid, kisu) and vegetables laid over a bed of steaming Japanese rice drizzled with Tenya’s signature Dontare sauce. It’s classic, it’s authentic, it’s Tendon at its finest.

Big succulent black tiger prawns and green beans, battered and deep-fried to perfection with a hint of Tenya’s signature Dontare sauce, served on top of steaming Japanese rice. 

A flavorful mix of delicious black tiger prawns, kani stick, green beans, sweet potato and eggplant on top of a generous serving of hot Japanese rice with a touch of Tenya’s signature Dontare sauce.

A tempura magic mix of shrimp, white onions and celery served on top of Tenya’s authentic Japanese rice.

Big cuts of chicken fillets, green beans, corn kernels drizzled with authentic Japanese mayo served on top of steaming hot Japanese rice. 

A harmonious mix of kisu and kakiage with green beans served over freshly cooked Japanese rice.

Three big slices of perfectly cooked pork belly served with Japanese Kimuchi and authentic steaming hot Japanese rice

say Hi to the friendly staff of Tenya Market! Market!
For fellow South Metro Manila residents, stay tuned because Tenya will also be opening a new branch in SM Southmall, soon! For more updates, follow @tenyaph on Twitter and Instagram, and like facebook.com/TenyaPhilippines. You can also track them using the hashtag #TenyaPH. Happy eating!

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