Sunday, September 06, 2015

Gillette and Esquire Treat Men to a Grooming Session at Felipe & Sons Barberdashery

Premier men's shaving brand, Gillette, recently launched its latest product, the Fusion ProGlide with Flexball Technology Razor during a pop-up barbershop event in partnership with Esquire magazine and Felipe and Sons Barberdashery in Makati.

pampering day for hubby
A number of gentlemen around the metro, including my husband, were treated to various grooming services such as haircut, shave, and shoe shine as well as the old-fashioned barber's massage. The event was a great opportunity to demonstrate Gillette's latest product and technology breakthrough and its "no missed hair" capability.

Felipe and Sons Barberdashery in Makati City
Ramachandra Golikere, Chief Marketing Officer of Procter and Gamble Philippines, shared that the shaving experience used to involve a lot of scrunching and squeezing of one's face in order to reach every surface and every last bit of stubble. "Now, thanks to Gillette's dedication to quality service, gone are the days of shave face. Though Gillette's ProGlide technology has been a mainstay in the industry for some years now, a new pivotal moment has arrived with the addition of FlexBall Technology," he said. "This latest innovation is Gillette's best razor to date, a groundbreaking development in the market. Thanks to FlexBall, you can achieve a 'no missed hair' shave -- like getting a professional shave from a barber, but at home, any day."

Gillette ProGlide with Fusion Technology Razor
With FlexBall, men no longer have to contort their faces in order to get that thorough shave. "It's the razor that swerves and contorts to the contours of a guy's face in order to reach virtually every hair," added Golikere.

head shave
The FlexBall Technology is a major upgrade for the ProGlide razor resulting from over five years of extensive research and experimentation. While Gillette's signature ultra-thin blade cartridges offer a slick shave, FlexBall allows the razor's head to swerve and pivot to promote optimal contact with the skin's surface. This new technology enables the razor to achieve a full range of motion that is unrivaled in the market.

hubby being shaved using the #GilletteFlexBall Technology razor
According to Gillette, men would find the FlexBall able to move fluidly in any direction, glide over curves, and hug every contour to give it maximum contact to achieve the smoothest, most precise shave yet conceived. In fact, majority of consumers they surveyed expressed preference for the new and improved FlexBall razor over their current ProGlide.

barber's massage
Marco Katigbak, owner of Felipe and Sons, felt privileged to host the event. "[This establishment] has a very traditional concept of men's grooming, but here we see that even classic services and time-tested practices benefit from modern tools," pointed out Golikere. 

a pampering day for men c/o #GilletexEsquire
So, guys, experience that professional barber-quality shave at home by trying out Gillette's Fusion ProGlide with Flexball Technology! It is priced at P499 (Manual and Silver Touch Rzor) and P625 (Power Razor) while extra cartridges are sold for P499 (2's) and P899 (4's) for the manual blade, and P625 (2's) and P1065 (4's) for the power blade. These are available nationwide at Watsons, Shopwise, Rustan's, Landmark, Robinson's, Mercury Drug, South Star Drug, and Puregold.

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