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Atkinsons London 1799 Celebrates 200 Years of Perfume Snobbery with New Fragrances

Atkinsons has a history as rich as the fragrances it carries. Established in 1799, the British perfume house created scents for royalty and fashion-obsessed aristocrats. It was considered the Chanel of its time having clientele such as Napoleon, the Duke of Wellington, the Tsar of Russia, the King of Italy, Sarah Bernhardt, and Beau Brummel, father of modern menswear, among others. 

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Now also available in the Philippines, Atkinsons has brought in classic and contemporary concoctions that are set to transport your senses to England in an era of your choosing. 

I had the pleasure of attending the Atkinsons launch yesterday in Pangea at the City of Dreams where guests were treated to an elegant afternoon tea time while infusing our olfactory senses with lovely scents for both men and women.

lovely event setup
Presenting Atkinsons' new line of fragrances …


In 1800, James Atkinsons invented the English Cologne with an uncommonly fresh yet textured and tenacious scent akin to the confidence of the British Empire. Because of this breakthrough, Atkinsons was proclaimed Official Perfumer to the Royal Court of England by King George IV who, needless to say, loved the scent. This brought Atkinsons to its new headquarters at 24 Old Bond Street.

24 Old Bond Street
The original Eau de Cologne now comes in its 21st century form -- 24 Old Bond Street. This emblematic scent is a mixture of juniper, rose and black tea, and smoky, oak-casked whisky accord. The perfume version, on the other hand is triple-distilled for fuller character and intense dramatic contrast. Triple Extract is whisky-infected, has super-fresh floral infusion, spices and wood, making it  three times more potent than its cologne counterpart.

We were told that 24 Old Bond Street is a scent that can be used for both men and women. I tried some on and loved how the beautiful scent stayed on my skin for several hours. I could still smell it on my wrists when I got home last night!     

a touch of the Orient

Three heritage scents, Eaux de Toilette, that withstood the test of time have been reinvented and updated in the perfume house's traditional yet trendsetting style.

Love In Idleness (1922) is a neo-Victorian love potion made of raspberry, violet, orris, heliotrope, tree moss, and patchouli. This scent of love at first sight is a tryst between a feminine orris-violet accord and a seductive woody chypre dry down.

The Excelsion Bouquet (1919), created for modern adventurers, captures the adventurous and heroic spirits of history's best-loved explorers with a high-spirited masculine blend of flint, sage, and spices. 

The British Bouquet
Amber Empire (1927) takes you on a sensual voyage into the languorous, enigmatic areas of the Orient. It is carved out of precious amber accord captured in drifts of earthy and rich oolong tea, making the scent equally exotic and cosmopolitan.

Other fragrances in this collection -- The Odd Fellow's Bouquet, Fashion Decree, The British Bouquet, and The Nuptial Bouquet (I love this one!) -- is reminiscent of a past where dandy gentleman's clubs and Victorian finery were still the rage. 

The Nuptial Bouquet

In the 1920s, Egyptian boxer, race car driver, and adventurer Crown Prince Mohammed Ali Ibrahim, arrived at Atkinsons in London to request for original perfumes for himself and his paramour Mabel Normand, a Hollywood starlet. He carried with him a precious ingredient called "oud" that was considered the "liquid gold" of the Orient.

That luxurious resin became the key to the Oud Collection, a revival of fragrances inspired by the prince, featuring accords of Central London, Earl Grey tea, wood, and leather for him; and jasmine and citrus for her. The resulting bouquets are a rich entente between England and the Orient: Oud Save the King and Oud Save the Queen.

Oud Save the King
THE CONTEMPORARY COLLECTION - Classic Unconventionality

Atkinsons' definite perfumery line are contemporary visions of iconic perfume ingredients that transform the familiar into the distinctly intriguing. It includes the feminine Rose in Wonderland, Jasmine in Tangerine, Lavender on the Rocks, and the sportsmanly Posh on the Green

Two centuries may have passed but the English's eccentricity and impeccable style continue to live on in Atkinsons' new scents that are set to captivate the senses with nostalgic originality. 

Fashion Decree
Atkinsons is available in fragrance boutique ART of SCENT, a luxury retail store that instills in consumers a deeper appreciation of the nuances in choosing the ideal fragrance for themselves. ART of SCENT offers Fragrance Education where clients can try a unique tester bar with trays. Each tray has its own distinct element that signifies the fragrances family it represents. This tester bar guides consumers in choosing the scent they like and would suit them best. 

To further uplift the customer's overall shopping experience, one will be assisted by an extensively trained and industry-first Fragrance Concierge who is knowledgeable about all the brands in the store and would help you discover your ideal scent profile.

ART of SCENT City of Dreams
ART of SCENT's flagship store is located at the East Wing in Shangri-la Plaza Mall while other shops can be found at City of Dreams and Resorts World Manila.

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