Atkinsons has a history as rich as the fragrances it carries. Established in 1799, the British perfume house created scents for royalty and fashion-obsessed aristocrats. It was considered the Chanel of its time having clientele such as Napoleon, the Duke of Wellington, the Tsar of Russia, the King of Italy, Sarah Bernhardt, and Beau Brummel, father of modern menswear, among others. 

What's with the bear? Read this :)
Now also available in the Philippines, Atkinsons has brought in classic and contemporary concoctions that are set to transport your senses to England in an era of your choosing. 

I had the pleasure of attending the Atkinsons launch yesterday in Pangea at the City of Dreams where guests were treated to an elegant afternoon tea time while infusing our olfactory senses with lovely scents for both men and women.

lovely event setup
Presenting Atkinsons' new line of fragrances …


In 1800, James Atkinsons invented the English Cologne with an uncommonly fresh yet textured and tenacious scent akin to the confidence of the British Empire. Because of this breakthrough, Atkinsons was proclaimed Official Perfumer to the Royal Court of England by King George IV who, needless to say, loved the scent. This brought Atkinsons to its new headquarters at 24 Old Bond Street.

24 Old Bond Street

It's a fact that women feel more confident when we feel good about ourselves. And one thing that can boost confidence is having good skin that you don't need to hide behind layers of makeup. 

MUZ Facial Sheet Mask (blue variant)
has whitening + collagen ingredients
If you have no time or the budget to visit a skin care clinic as often as you'd like, here's a simple and effective way to take care of your face. One MUZ Facial Sheet Mask (P50 each) can actually already help nourish your face with just one sheet!

I had the chance to try the MUZ Whitening Plus Facial Sheet Mask that has Whitening + Collagen ingredients and liked the results. This product's benefits include skin whitening, anti-ageing, tightening, and rejuvenation as well as reduces oiliness. It also contains anti-oxidants that protects cells from damage caused by free radicals.

make sure to lay the whole mask flat on your face 

I seldom get to watch TV shows religiously nowadays. Work has taken precedence over much of my leisure time. A few years ago, however, I got hooked on Heroes, a series about ordinary people with special abilities. 

original Heroes cast
I guess the popularity of these kinds of shows is an indication of our continuous fascination with superhero themes and characters. And why not? It makes for great entertainment to see "what would happen next?" in every episode shown.

Heroes was somewhat a melting pot where you can "meet" a lot of individuals with various extraordinary capabilities. They range from the very young to senior citizens and go beyond race, color, and social status. I think, what made this show attractive to viewers is that, at one point or another, we can identify with one or more of the characters or are reminded of someone we know.

Heroes 2006 - 2010
Thus, it was quite disappointing when the series abruptly ended after four seasons, just when the stories have become more and more interesting. By then, I've known the characters for a long time and knew I would miss seeing them -- Peter, Claire, Hiro, Ando, even Sylar -- on TV from then on.

So, I was really glad to find out some weeks back that creator and producer Tim Kring is bringing the series back with new characters and story lines. Yesterday, I joined other Heroes fans at the Solar Screening Room to watch the first two pilot episodes of Heroes Reborn on Jack TV.

Heroes creator and producer Tim Kring

The buzz on going all-natural continues to make waves as many of us become more conscious of the things we eat and use. Aside from putting importance of organic food and health supplements from plant and animal extracts, personal care and beauty products are also being put under the spotlight by those who want to live healthier.

papaya and guava
photo credit:
And, why not? It's not enough that we have proper diet and exercise, we also need to make sure that what we apply on any area of our bodies won't be harmful to our skin -- especially on the most sensitive parts!

The folks behind best-selling feminine wash pH Care understand the importance of using natural ingredients in their products. Thus, they came up with an all-new pH Care Naturals line in two variants: pH Care Naturals Papaya and pH Care Naturals Guava. 

Women, admittedly, have confidence issues when it comes to the bikini area. For many, having dark skin on that part of the body can make them self-conscious even in the privacy of their own bathrooms. What more on the beach? And while there are many products for whitening dark skin on various body parts, most of them are not safe for use in intimate areas. 

pH Care Naturals Papaya

Camo is back! Earlier this year at the Paris Fashion Month, Valentino garbed Ben Stiller's Derek Zoolander and Owen Wilson's Hansel in fun and funky custom fatigues. This move by the Italian fashion house sparked a renewed interest in camo, which has also been seen worn by female celebrities like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus.

photo credit:
Veloci, the Italian-inspired watch brand, embraces the trend with the launch of its Holiday Timepieces. This latest collection features the distinct camouflage print, revamped in brighter colors and bolder designs.

attractive camo design and colors
The Veloci Holiday Collection comes in two styles:

1) Camo takes design inspiration from the bestselling Pulse and contains the same power-packed features: dual-time display, stopwatch and alarm, illuminator, and water resist of up to 100 meters. Wherever your next getaway may be, this is a great watch to bring along.

Hideo Muraoka and Catriona Gray
wearing Veloci Camo watches

If you've been to Japanese-themed restaurants with conveyor belts, you also probably found it really cool to have your food "delivered" right to your table or, to be more accurate, have the experience of personally "plucking" the dishes you want before they go past your table.

Chirashi Don (big bowl) taking center stage
At Genki Sushi, this concept has been revolutionized to a higher level. There, diners get to place their specific orders via a touchscreen tablet and have those particular dishes freshly prepared in the kitchen. Immediately after, food items are placed on mini trains that are programmed to stop right beside your table. It surprised us when Mr. Eric Teng, CEO of Mother Spice Food Corp., told us that the chefs who prepare all the food are Filipino who were trained in Japan for one month. Wow!

each table has its own touchscreen tablet 
The system is very efficient such that if you don't retrieve your orders after a certain period of time, a buzzer would sound and a lighted button would blink in the panel to remind you to press it and send the train back to the kitchen so that it can deliver food to other tables. Watch this video to see what I mean.

For many of us, parents, having the opportunities to take our family along with us to work-related activities is a great bonus. After all, our loved ones are the reasons why we strive to become better professionals and colleagues in our fields.

Room 17K's bed and easy chair
This past weekend, I had a couple of events I needed to go to and which I knew would take up a lot of time away from my family. Given Metro Manila's infamous horrible traffic that steals hours from anyone who lives far from the city center, I opted to find a hotel in Makati City where we could stay for a night so it would be easier to come "home" especially since it was my special child's birthday last Friday.

Room 17L's living and dining areas
I am so happy to have found a great venue in KL Tower Serviced Residences through We were able to book two rooms with a connecting door so it felt like we stayed in a two bedroom suite instead of one! :) What's more, the hotel staff thoughtfully prepared a cake and balloons for our James, making our stay extra special. 

Room 17K's dining and kitchen area

Running has allowed me to experience a lot of firsts. Although I'm already using Runtastic to keep track of my practice and actual runs, I've never used a mobile app that I need to check every time I encounter a pit stop. That is, until hubby and I joined the SyncRUNize race held at ARCA South in Taguig last Saturday.

a shot with the jovial members of the Philippine Army
SyncRUNize is a unique running and adventure race because the organizers prepared 15 stations where runners have to finish various physical and mental challenges first before we could go on to the next levels. 

hubby conquered the inclined wall, yey!
I can't recall the exact order of all the activities we did but I can definitely say many of them are VERY challenging. For instance, I tried to cross the monkey bars but just couldn't make it past the halfway mark. So I had to take the five minute penalty. 

I couldn't jump high enough so I posed for a photo instead :p

UNICEF Celebrity Advocate Anne Curtis is very much into fitness. "I thought a benefit run that demonstrates health and wellness is a great way to raise resources to support children to have the best start in life!" 

Lotta Sylwander and Anne Curtis
During the recent launch of Heroes for Children Run, Anne explained that proceeds from the event will help fund UNICEF's '1000 Days of Life' campaign, which materialized last July via a series of legislative advocacy forums with the House of Representatives and the Senate. The central theme is, 'Ensuring the Right Start to Life through Optimal Maternal and Child Nutrition: Building a Stronger Nation.'

Lotta Sylwander, UNICEF Country Representative, revealed that at least 3.4 million Filipino children are stunted. "Undernutrition accounts for over half of the 95 daily under-five child deaths. The '1000 Days' campaign will focus on much needed health and nutrition support in the critical first thousand days of the life of a child: from conception through pregnancy, to childbirth, and through to the child's second year and beyond," she illustrated. 

click photo to enlarge to see
race fees, inclusions, gun starts, etc.

Shopping for stuff is more convenient if you can find everything you need in one place. This is the idea behind Robinsons Townville where consumers can find a good tenant mix anchored by Robinsons Supermarket, Robinsons Department Store, Robinsons Appliances, Handyman, Daiso Japan, and Southstar Drug

Mime artists welcomed guests to Robinsons Townville 
Complementing the archer stores is a bank, ATMs, quick service restaurants, food kiosks, a bookstore, spa, salon, boutiques, amusement center for kids, and other services designed to meet the needs of a growing community.

join a game, win a prize!

I love going to River Park in Festival Mall, Muntinlupa City. It is a great place to unwind because aside from seven different dining concepts, it is surrounded by lush greens and centered on a flowing river that's 1.5km long. 

the beautiful River Park
Last year, Alabang residents and visitors enjoyed watching a Light and Sound Show and performances from different celebrities during the Christmas season. Early this year, my husband and I celebrated Valentine’s Day by dining at Mati’s Meat and Bread

Triad Churrasco (P685)
 a combination of beef, chicken fillet, and prawn churrasco
served with rice pilaf, grilled vegetables, and sweet corn
Recently, we had dinner at Red Kitchen + Bar, another great place located in River Park. There, sports enthusiasts can cheer for their favorite teams with the lounge’s high-definition TVs. 

Steak Nachos (P385)
Tex-Mex nachos with steak, olives, cheese and homemade salsa 

We hear different sounds every day but I bet you also don't really notice many of them. For me, it's normal hearing our dog bark, waking up with the alarm clock sounding off in the morning, or flicking a light switch when night starts to fall.

Kat DJ
Last June until July, Rebisco Combi encouraged people to send in video sound clips that matched certain weekly themes. The clips will be used to create an extraordinary song where all sounds are combined. The best clips for each time period were chosen and rewarded with cool Humlan headphones from notable audio specialist Urbanears.

Buganda Drumbeaters
In just over a month, more than 500 video sound clips were submitted. Sources of the interesting and creative sound bites came from household items to animals as well as body parts! The result surprised everyone who went to URBN Bar and Kitchen in Bonifacio Global City the other night. There, Rebisco launched the Combi World's Biggest POPulation Song made with the submitted video sound clips, which highlighted how unusual combinations can turn into something amazing.

Alodia Gosengfiao

Manila's much awaited yearly book fair is happening this September and Church Strengthening Ministry (CSM) Publishing will once again offer big discounts, book signings, and a large selection of good reads. 

The 36th Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) is a great avenue for publishers and authors to meet the community of Filipino readers. CSM Publishing, a pioneer of the P100 Book Craze, has set the benchmark of promoting the Filipino talents through its homegrown pool of authors. The sale, offering titles at low prices, provides book lovers an early Christmas shopping experience where they can find good gifts for their loved ones.

This 2015, CSM is launching a solid all-Filipino book lineup from different generations with quality content good for people of all ages. Here are some offerings to look out for:

Kapamilya o Kapal Nila?

A mind erased, a body of clues. That's the very intriguing tag line for Blindspot, a new series to premier on September 22 on Warner TV at 9:50PM. This show tells the story of a mysterious woman left inside a duffel bag in the middle of Times Square in New York City. The lady is completely naked but covered in hundreds of intricate tattoos. She doesn't know who she is and how she got there.

a naked woman found in Times Square
One tattoo, however, stood out from the rest -- the name of FBI agent Kurt Weller. Soon, Jane Doe (played by Jaimie Alexander, THOR) and the FBI realizes that each mark on her body leads to clues about a crime and her true identity. Weller (played by Sullivan Stapleton, Strike Back, 300: Rise of an Empire), along with his team and Assistant Director Mayfair (played by Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Without a Trace), then helps Jane piece her past together and solve a larger crime conspiracy one tattoo at a time. 

Another interesting twist is the revelation of Jane's kick-ass skills, one by one, without her understanding how she acquired them. Meanwhile, Weller strives to connect and figure out why they were put in each other's paths.

Jane Doe and Agent Weller 

Premier men's shaving brand, Gillette, recently launched its latest product, the Fusion ProGlide with Flexball Technology Razor during a pop-up barbershop event in partnership with Esquire magazine and Felipe and Sons Barberdashery in Makati.

pampering day for hubby
A number of gentlemen around the metro, including my husband, were treated to various grooming services such as haircut, shave, and shoe shine as well as the old-fashioned barber's massage. The event was a great opportunity to demonstrate Gillette's latest product and technology breakthrough and its "no missed hair" capability.

Felipe and Sons Barberdashery in Makati City
Ramachandra Golikere, Chief Marketing Officer of Procter and Gamble Philippines, shared that the shaving experience used to involve a lot of scrunching and squeezing of one's face in order to reach every surface and every last bit of stubble. "Now, thanks to Gillette's dedication to quality service, gone are the days of shave face. Though Gillette's ProGlide technology has been a mainstay in the industry for some years now, a new pivotal moment has arrived with the addition of FlexBall Technology," he said. "This latest innovation is Gillette's best razor to date, a groundbreaking development in the market. Thanks to FlexBall, you can achieve a 'no missed hair' shave -- like getting a professional shave from a barber, but at home, any day."

Gillette ProGlide with Fusion Technology Razor

It's a known fact that Filipinos love food and that the Philippines continues to serve as a melting pot of cultural exchanges from all over the world. Although we strongly promote our own dishes, it's also good to be well-versed in the cuisines of other countries because, hey, they're also delicious!

All Star Tendon served with my favorite miso soup
Take for example Japanese classics like the Tonkatsu, Curry, and Ramen that have already established a growing number of Pinoy fans. But then, let's not forget another Japanese food staple -- the tendons. In Japan, it's been said the most delicious ones can be found in Tenya, which originated in Asakusa, Tokyo.

The good news is, Tenya is already here in the Philippines and they offer authentic Japanese Tendons that are exactly what the stores in Japan serve! In case you missed my other blog post about my first time to try Tenya in SM Megamall, please visit this link. It has photos of other Tenya offerings that are very mouthwatering.

event host Lexi Schulze with Tenya's Chukri Prieto and Iggy Ramos 
Now, the fast-growing dining establishment has two new branches, both located in Bonifacio Global City. One is in BGC Stopover Pavillon while the other is in Market! Market! I was at the latter the other day and happily ordered a bowl of ALL STAR TENDON that contains black tiger prawn, squid, salmon, kani stick, green beans, and mushroom tempuras on top of steaming hot Japanese rice and Tenya's signature Dontare sauce.

This sauce is a special blend that gives a sweet and umami touch to Tempura flavors. It is specially made by a boutique soy sauce factory (since the 1800's!) and then shipped to every Tenya store worldwide.

gotta admit, it's quite hard to take a bite of the bear! :(

My family and I have been using Pureit Water Purifier for more than a year now (read my product review here). To date, we have replaced the Germ Kill Kit twice (there are six of us at home) and continue to enjoy safe drinking water without worrying about contamination. 

Pureit variants: Excella, Marvella RO Slim, and Marvella UV
I'm glad that we've never gone back to buying purified water from water refilling stations because a study found out that almost 80 % of water refilling stations in the Philippines do not strictly follow the the Sanitary Code imposed by the Department of Health

stats about drinking water and consumers
According to the 2013 Kantar Worldpanel In-Home Packaged Water Report, roughly 60% of urban households buy their drinking water from refilling stations. That's a lot of families! Imagine the risks of water-borne illnesses dirty water can bring especially to children! The United Nations Children's Fund lists diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid fever among these deadly diseases.

We, parents, want our children to grow up remembering a great childhood. We want them to explore and go outside like how we used to play as kids. In this digital age, there's a tendency for young ones to stay indoors and just tinker with their electronic gadgets. However, running around outdoors is healthier, even if it means losing that baby smell to being amoy-araw or amoy-pawis.

Team Kramer loving the Scent of Baby Love
Celebrity couple Doug and Chesca Kramer, for instance, are not worried about letting their kids play and get dirty if it means some active playtime. To solve the problem of keeping their babies smelling and feeling fresh under the sun, Team Kramer partnered with Zen Zest Asia, a pioneer fragrance company, to co-create Sniff & Cuddle Baby Cologne with the Scent of Baby Love.


It's always fun to shop for stuff that are useful, of good quality, and affordable. I always experience that when I'm in Daiso Japan. I just hope they'll open a store in Alabang, soon.

happy shopper
Before, I only get to buy Daiso products in their Robinsons Galleria branch when I attend media events in the Ortigas area. So I was very happy to know that they've finally opened a store in Shangri-La Mall because that is more accessible for me. This new Daiso Japan store is located on the fifth floor, just after the mall entrance from the MRT station. It's so easy to find!

this helps avoid knitted clothes being stretched and getting them
 out of shape while hanging them out to dry!

My MacBook Air may already be three years old but it continues to work perfectly fine. I keep telling my husband that in case this laptop conks out one of these days due to old age, I'll probably just buy another one because it has been, so far, the best laptop I've ever owned. Seriously.

MacBook Air user since 2012
You see, the MacBook Air's aluminum unibody design looks modern and minimalist while the tapering edges also make the laptop genuinely attractive and impressive. The amazing thing is, the chassis design, which is the same since the laptop was launched in 2010, remains elegant-looking and classy, resonating with the luxurious feel that Apple gadgets provide.

Gorgeously thin at 17mm in diameter, the MacBook Air weighs only 1.4kg, light enough that it's barely noticeable inside a big shoulder bag and sturdy enough to assure you that it's not going to easily break. Overall, this laptop sends the indisputable message that the MacBook Air is an engineering feat and one that would be hard to copy.

Beyond the Box makes it easy to own a MacBook Air with the #Zero24 promo
So, if you've also been considering owning a MacBook Air, now is the perfect time to turn that dream into reality! This month, from September 1 to 30, 2015, the MacBook Air 11" and 13" 128GB variants will be available in super easy #Zero24 installments at Beyond the Box in three unique lifestyle bundles at no extra cost.

Which of the following Lifestyle Bundles fits you best? Check them all out so you can get most out of your new MacBook Air lifestyle by taking full advantage of the complimentary add-ons.
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