Puregold Introduces the Convenient #PurePadala Service for OFWs and Their Families

It is more the norm nowadays, rather than an exception, for Filipino families to have relatives abroad. Thus, we all probably have experienced receiving "padala" from our loved ones working or living in other countries. 

an OFW sending money remittance
At home, we often receive balikbayan boxes from my in-laws living in California who often send us stuff for the house and medical equipment and supplies for our son with special needs. In fact, one particular box sent to us by my sister-in-law was featured by NPR (National Public Radio) several years ago :) 

an OFW's family buying groceries using the remittance they received
For many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), it is always a joy to be able to send stuff and money to their loved ones at home. However, there have been a lot of stories about relatives here who mishandle remittances thereby wasting the efforts and hard-earned income of the OFWs. So I totally understand the struggle of some of our kababayans abroad thinking if the money they're sending are really spent on the proper expenses.  

Mr. Gary Valenciano for Puregold #PurePadala

The good news is, OFWs can now send what their families can really use via Puregold's #PurePadala service! Watch the video here. Pure Padala makes it easy for OFWs and their families facilitate money remittance by allowing OFWs to send money to their loved ones with a specific purpose in mind such as grocery items, tuition, insurance, housing loan payments, etc. 

an example of a text message sent by Puregold's #PurePadala to the OFW's family 
For instance, a P10,000 worth of #PurePadala can be used to stock a sari-sari store business through the purchase of groceries from Puregold. Learn better how this works by watching this short video featuring Mr. Gary Valenciano:

Now that's a great way to share one's blessings without having to worry where your hard-earned money goes! For those who have family members abroad, tell them about Puregold's #PurePadala service so they have the assurance of knowing that their efforts are really paying off.  

With Puregold's Pure Padala, di lang makakarating, malayo pa ang mararating!

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