Panorama Prenatal Screening: Letting You Be a Proactive Parent Even While You're Still Pregnant

It has been said in the past that nothing can actually prepare you to be a parent -- that what you can do is to mostly learn as you go. For many moms and dads who have a hundred and one things to do each day, it's easier to take action when situations already call for it. Parenting decisions then become a consequence of how we react to specific moments.

Every baby deserves a proactive parent
In reality, however, what we need is to be proactive parents who are committed today to get ready for tomorrow's issues and concerns so that we can deal with them in the best possible way. According to Ichel Alignay, a family life specialist, proactive parenting means long-term thinking

"We cannot choose what happens to us, but we can choose how to respond to it," she encouraged.  "Proactive parenting can buffer many unpleasant childhood events that may have long-term effects on the individual." In a nutshell, moms and dads need to set a vision for what they'd want their family to be. When? This should start the moment you find out you are expecting a baby.

start being a proactive parent while you are still pregnant
Considering prenatal screening is one way to be a proactive parent. At Hi-Precision Diagnostics, moms-to-be are given the option to undergo Panorama Prenatal Screen, a non-invasive DNA screening test that gives essential genetic information about your baby as early as nine weeks into your pregnancy. "It is important to know your baby's health ahead of time so you can prepare better," pointed out Dr. Camille Cyncynatus, Strategic Account Manager at Natera, a genetics testing and diagnostics company.

Any mom, whether she is having her first baby or her fourth one, can benefit from Panorama. Your blood sample can already let you know your baby's gender as well as his/her likelihood of having a chromosomal condition. 

all it takes is a blood sample
During pregnancy, some of your baby's DNA actually crosses into your bloodstream. The reassuring thing is, Panorama Prenatal Screen is the only test that can distinguish between fetal and maternal DNA. This enables Hi-Precision Diagnotics' laboratory specialists to analyze your baby's DNA using your blood. 

Since Panorama is a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT), it may be done in a single in-office visit. You will not be exposed to any extraneous elements so the procedure is absolutely safe for both mother and baby. 

a Hi-Precision Diagnostics laboratory specialist
In case you don't know, women who get pregnant at over 35 years old have a higher chance of having babies with certain chromosomal abnormalities such as Down Syndrome and Angelman Syndrome. Still, it is important to note that certain biological conditions affect women of all ages. So regardless of age, family issues, or medical history, a screen test can help determine your baby's risk of being affected with a specific chromosome condition. 

Panorama screens for a broad panel of chromosome conditions, including Chromosomal Abnormalities, Sex Chromosome Abnormalities, and Microdeletions. More importantly, Panorama is amazingly accurate with a 100 percent batting average on fetal sex determination. 

it's always better to be prepared
"Panorama has the lowest chance of false negatives and false positives," added Dr. Cyncynatus. "It also detects more cases of microdeletion syndromes and uniquely tests Triploidy, a rare chromosomal abnormality."

Having results from a Panorama Prenatal Screen will give you essential information, which will allow you to decide on your next course of action for the future health and well-being of your baby. 

What do you do in case the result is positive? According to Dr. Maria Niza Reyes, an OB-Gyne and fetal and maternal medicine specialist, you may want to look into genetic counseling and undergo an invasive prenatal diagnostic test such as amniocentesis for fetal karyotyping.

from left: Ichel Alignay, Dr. Reyes, Dr. Cyncynatus, and Melissa Ongsue-Lee 
Also, if you know beforehand that you'll be having a baby who will need special care, plan to give birth in a tertiary hospital and have medical specialists standing by to make proper diagnoses.  

Melissa Ongsue-Lee, VP for Sales and Marketing of H-Precision Diagnostics, said they repeat tests with abnormal results, for free. She also clarified that they are advocating for "preparation not termination." How much is Panorama? The basic test costs P37,000 while the extended package is P55,000.  For more information and inquiries, visit, like, and follow @HP_Diagnostics on Twitter and @hiprecisiondiagnostics on Instagram

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