Merkado Supermarket Opens its First Store at U.P. Town Center with Awesome Promos

Any mom, I believe, enjoys shopping for her family. I do! Especially when it comes to buying food that I know my loved ones would appreciate. 

shopping for groceries is fun!
Last July 31, I found myself in Quezon City attending the opening of Merkado Supermarket's first store located at U.P. Town Center. The concept interested me because this project is a joint venture between Ayala and Puregold, two respected names in the retails business.

friendly staff in pretty costumes
ALI Capital, Corp. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ayala Land, Inc.) and Entenso Equities, Inc. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Puregold Priceclub, Inc.) collaborated to become AyaGold Retailers, Inc., bringing fun and ease to grocery shopping. 

super organized shelves -- an OC's haven :p
With its wide aisles, clean layout, organized sections, and a relaxed atmosphere, I can personally say I love shopping there because I spent more than an hour checking out the merchandise and bringing home several good finds! Add to that, I was able to claim a free 2L bottle of Coca Cola just by showing my receipt worth P1,000 :)

bought a lot of breads (and I mean, a LOT!) here
The mid-market store boasts of an extensive line of local and imported goods, as well as a wide range of fresh and grocery items, rotisserie and wine selection carefully handpicked for shoppers with a discerning taste. Merkado has friendly staff members who accommodate those needing assistance. Moreover, all check out counters accept cash and card transactions.

some of my favorite snacks in one section
Merkado definitely has something for everyone with over 20,000 merchandise items in its 3,900 sqm. floor area. I love the bakery section not only for the heavenly scent of freshly baked bread but also because it features local favorites and new special items such as their Japanese cheesecake. I happily bought different packs of bread at buy-one-take-one prices because I know my sons would finish them in no time. 

look at that HUGE fish at the back!
My mommy friends and I found it so funny that we all wanted to grab the 12-pc. egg cartons that were being sold as buy-one-take-one, which means you get 24 eggs for only P79.00! Although I was very tempted to buy, I resisted the urge because they might end up as scrambled eggs by the time I arrive home in Alabang :p

ready-to-cook marinated meats
If you're having a family gathering or going on a weekend getaway, drop by the rotisserie for grilled or barbecue specials. For health buffs, there's an extensive fresh produce section (I wanted to buy all the fresh mushrooms!!!) that actually makes up 30% of the supermarket's mix along with the salad bar, cut fruits, a juicing section, and even fresh or cooked Japanese corn.

those mushrooms were calling my name so I bought 2 packs of enoki :)
Asian cuisine is also highlighted with featured spices and various kinds of sushi. In case you have a green thumb, this is a good place to find potted herbs that would definitely add a lot of aroma and flavor to your dishes. For those looking to buy flowers, head over to the store's resident florist where you can buy special floral arrangements for your loved ones. 

take your pick from basil, mint, tarragon, and more!
There's much to be enjoyed by visiting Merkado and I've already encouraged my sister-in-law to bring my brother and their daughter there soon because it's so near their house inside the U.P. Diliman campus. Indeed, grocery shopping can be a great family bonding activity especially when there are a lot of reasons to regularly make that trip to the supermarket. 

say, cheese!
Drop by Merkado and experience firsthand what I am talking about :) Follow their social media accounts to keep updated on new and ongoing promos.

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