Contractubex Shares Inspiring Stories of Six SCARvivors

Scars mean different things to different people. For some, they are a reminder of pain and personal tragedy while others consider them as a sign of healing wounds. Scars are a testament to what individuals have overcome because of their courage and resilience. These physical marks could also mean closure about a past incident and is something that can be visually improved as part of the healing process.

learn these SCARvivors stories and be inspired!
Contractubex (Extractum Cepae + Heparin + Allantoin), the country's leading scar management brand, has partnered with the burn centers of the Philippines and the Philippine Association of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons, Inc. (PAPRAS) mission for an advocacy called SCARvivor, which shares life-changing stories of six individuals who bear scars but kept on living inspiring lives.

Contractubex brings stories of hope
The SCARvivors shared a bit of what they went through during the press launch along with talks from Dr. Jose Joven Cruz, President of PAPRAS and Dr. Dorothy Dy Ching Bing, Burn Rehabilitation Consultant on burn centers in the Philippines.

Nikoy de Guzman
Nikoy de Guzman, a breast cancer survivor who has undergone a double mastectomy, says, "There were issue with those big scars, particularly after my first modified radical mastectomy when I was just 28. Then, I realized it's about getting well, what you went through, and getting over that."

Sherilyn Bruan
Ozone Disco fire survivor, Sherilyn Bruan, admits, "Hindi ka lang scarred physically. Pati yung esteem mo natamaan. Nung time na yun, I didn't want people looking at my scars. Ngayon, I know there's more about me than my scars."

Giboy Billena
"My scars are very big and my left leg was deformed," reveals Giboy Billena, a 13-year-old bone cancer survivor. "It was a very difficult experience but, with the help of many loving people especially my Mom and Dad, I am now on my road to complete recovery."

Rubylyn Cua Rodel
Rubylyn Cua Rodel, who got burned in an accident as a little girl, shares, "Dahil sa scars, dati binu-bully ako. Sinusulatan yung libro ko ng sunog. Ganun. Pero hindi ko hinayaang masira ang buhay ko."

Dwight Bayona
Like her, race kart driver Dwight Bayona didn't give up when he lost his leg in an accident. "My experience has been a painful struggle. But I didn't let it hinder me from doing the things I wanted to do. I want others to know that you can be so much more than your scars," he encourages. "Just trust yourself and your will to fight."

Richard Tagapan
According to Richard Tagapan, a PNP SAF officer injured in the line of duty, "Ang mahalaga, muli akong makabalik sa aking tungkulin. Dala ng paninilbihan ang sugat na ito, nagbibigay sa akin ng lakas ng loob."  

Be inspired and take part in the advocacy by visiting and viewing the SCARvivors' photos at Exhibit Space 3, UGF Building A, SM Megamall from August 27 to September 2, 2015. Extend your support to other SCARvivors out there by purchasing Contractubex so that, for every product bought, patients from selected burn centers will be given their own SCARvivor kits. This is in line with Contractubex's commitment to helping patients manage scars so that, someday, being SCARvivors themselves, only their hope and courage will remain and, in turn, likewise inspire others.

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