My Family's Best Red Ribbon Cake Choices for Various Occasions

If I remember it right, it was two hundred twenty pesos (P220) -- that's how much hubby and I would set aside every few weeks in the mid-1990s so we can buy a Red Ribbon Chocolate Mousse Cake! We love how its layers blend perfectly into a delicious kind of sweetness that tastes really heavenly. 

solid Red Ribbon Chocolate Mousse fan for over 20 years!
We were living at the time in a small apartment in Los BaƱos, Laguna with our two young kids. Hubby usually buys the cake in Manila on his way home from work. It's too bad that taking pictures then was not as convenient as it is now. If it was, I probably would have dozens of stock photos of us enjoying our favorite cake whether it was a special occasion or not.

Red Ribbon's Black Forest Cake was my
firstborn's requested cake for his most recent birthday
Later on, when the boys started getting bigger, we had them choose what cakes they'd like for their birthdays. Sometimes, they'd prefer Red Ribbon's Black Forest Cake or one of those yummy Cake Rolls

Red Ribbon's Mango Cake -- another Floresca family favorite

And since mango is hubby's favorite fruit, we also started buying the Mango Cake, which is also lip-smacking good! 

one of those extended family celebrations with a Red Ribbon cake
Since last year, we've been buying Dedication Cakes because it's also nice to express love and birthday greetings with words.  

Red Ribbon's Dedication Cake was perfect for celebrating
our special child's most recent birthday
Fast forward to two decades later since we first started buying Red Ribbon cakes, the Chocolate Mousse remains one of my top, all-time favorite, sweet treats. I find it amazing that it has been that long ago and I'm so glad this variant is still around for us to enjoy.

bought a Red Ribbon cake earlier today … can you guess what's inside? ;-)
These days, I still buy one for those "just because" days. After all, any day is worth celebrating when you are with people you value most in the world, right? :)

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