Four Must-Try Restaurants in Makati Serving Australian Grass-Fed Beef + Cool Raffle with Big Prizes

It is always a pleasure to dine on dishes that have both the components of a good meal: delicious tastes and premium quality ingredients. I am fortunate to discover new and awesome dishes in four Makati-based restaurants serving Australian Grass-Fed Beef.

beef tartare to be wrapped in sisho leaves and nori
Last Tuesday, I started my culinary adventure at Chef Jessie Rockwell Club where we were served really flavorful Australian beef dishes that I'd highly recommend you also check out. For starters, we had Australian Grass-Fed Cape Grim Beef Tartare with Sisho and Nori

beef tartare ready to wrap and eat!
It's a bit spicy but very delicious. The various ingredients (including corniks!) gave it a lot of texture, reminding me of Korean ssam wraps. 

Next, we enjoyed the Grilled Peppered Australian Grass-Fed Beef Tenderloin Steak served with double-baked potato and raw papaya. The meat is very tender and the spicy sauce is savory. 

peppered beef tenderloin steak

Our third dish was Brochette of Grilled Australian Grass-Fed Cape Grim Sirloin Steak in licorice and carrot puree. It was served with salad greens and a lovely-tasting vinaigrette. I was delighted to see my favorite local edible fern, pako, used in the salad.

When the waiter brought out the Australian Grass-Fed Beef Short Ribs, my companions and I wondered how tender the chunky cut of beef is and were amazed when Chef Jessie Sincioco herself easily made several slices. Find her photo doing that, here. This dish has a cabernet barbecue sauce, served with homemade mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables in season.

short ribs
Our last dish was Grilled Australian Grass-Fed Beef Tenderloin in Wild Mushroom Ragout Sauce served with country style potatoes and green salad. Again, the good quality of the meat and the way the dish was cooked would make any diner appreciate what's on the table.

cutting the tender Aussie beef ribs  
Next stop on the food trail was at the Thai restaurant People's Palace in Greenbelt. Their Australian Grass-Fed Beef Satay Papaya + Chili + Lime Salad is a different take on the usual meat on barbecue sticks Filipinos are used to. The flavors are interesting and the meat is very easy to chew. 

beef satay with papaya
The Green Curry of Australian Grass-Fed Beef Top Blade Eggplant + Longbeans + Baby Corn made me crave for rice. They are a good combination for a any hungry diner who loves spicy food!

green curry made with Aussie beef
Before we, foodies, left People's Palace, we had a group shot with the chef to express our compliments.

our group of foodies after dining at People's Palace
The next day, I once again joined the food crawl at Carpaccio Ristorante Italiano located in Yakal St. They, too, serve very delicious dishes made with very tender Australian Grass-Fed Beef. It was hard to choose a favorite because everything was really good so let me just share what we had:

dishes at Carpaccio also include must-try Aussie lamb (top left photo)
Carpaccio was made of tenderloin, sea salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil, fennel, green asparagus, rocket lettuce, and honey tomato.

Seared Oyster Blade Alla Capo had garlic, herb and chili marinated oyster blade, and red wine reduction on vegetable saffron risotto. 

grilled rib eye
Grilled Rib Eye featured calamata olive butter, red win glace, cherry tomato confit, sage gnocchi, and parmesan cheese.

Grilled Striploin had the very intriguing anchovies butter, potato-cabbage gratin, and crispy vegetable and tomato basil salad.

grilled tenderloin
Grilled Tenderloin was made with garlic herb butter, red wine glade, green asparagus, and tomato and fontina mash. I can honestly say you can order any or all of these dishes at Carpaccio and you'll definitely end your meal with a smile. 

The fourth restaurant I got to visit was Prime 101 in Pasong Tamo. It was a pleasant surprise to find Chef Marco Legasto there because I thoroughly enjoyed his creations when I dined at Twenty Two Jupiter last November.  

soup to warm the tummy
This time, he and his staff served us with a lip-smacking tomato soup in a cute cup before we tried the Australian Grass-Fed Beef Tartare 101. Aside from the delicious one I had at Chef Jessie's, I've tried tartare before in another restaurant in this same presentation and found it bland.

beef tartare
Surprisingly, Prime 101's tartare was made delicious by the various elements included in the dish such as the egg yolk, capers, and sauce.

The Braised Grass-Fed Sirloin in Iberico Chorizo and Saffron was likewise flavorful.

Aussie beef sirloin with chorizo and saffron 
So was the Pinnacle Grass-Fed Ribeye Cooked in Prime 101's Signature Way

Pinnacle rib eye
notice how the cherry tomatoes were presented, I thought they were siomai in red wrapper!
We ended our hearty meal with a slice of pudding that was a perfect conclusion to the very nice dinner. 

Apart from it's sumptuous Australian beef dishes What's doubly interesting about Prime 101 is that there are furniture and paintings for sale displayed inside the restaurant. I think that's a great way to showcase beautiful pieces to customers who choose to dine on quality food. 

a slice of pudding to end a lovely dinner
If this post got your stomach rumbling and craving for the dishes I described, please make sure to also read my post about the Australian Grass-Fed Beef Promotion where you can win P5,000 worth of dining privileges or a trip for two to Australia via Qantas Airways! There, you'll also find the names of other restaurants included in the promo.

If you want to read more food reviews about Australian Grass-Fed Beef dishes, do visit my husband's posts here and here because he went to five other restaurants and also enjoyed food tripping.

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