Make It Shakey's Time Anyime, Anywhere

We all enjoy having Good Times and creating Great Memories with our loved ones. In my family's case, one of our regular bonding moments is to order from Shakey's using my SuperCard because we'd always get a free pizza for every pizza order! 

buy two, take four!
Of course, there are days we'd also crave for some Chicken 'N' Mojos or several servings of Bunch O' Lunch. If we feel really lazy to go out of the house, or too busy to cook, we'd usually just dial 77-777 and order delivery.

Shakey's bunch o' lunch and more!
It's fair to say that in the past 40 years, Shakey's has already timelessly won the hearts and tastes of several generations. Plus, the brand continues to come up with new and delectable innovations such as last year's Pizza 1954, fun and exciting party packages for kids, and the recent Philly Cheesesteak Pizza.

Angus Steakhouse and Philly CheeseSteak pizzas 

Whether it's bonding moments with classmates or officemates (when my sons have their friends over, we'd order two or more Shakey's pizzas and get two or more free), a simple dinner or midnight snack (yes, the hotline is open 24/7!) with the family, or celebrations with the clan, we definitely have lots of Shakey's moments to remember.

get a FREE SuperCard until June 15, 2015
This month, make sure to avail of the "What's the BIG Deal?" delivery promo until June 15 because you'll get a FREE Shakey's SuperCard when you order the food package consisting of pizza, pasta, chicken, mojos, and soda for P1199. This is such a timely offer because my SuperCard has already expired last month and we need a new one for the year-round free pizzas we enjoy getting each time  we order one or more.

it's so easy to order delivery from Shakey's
Another good news is that aside from dialing the hotline or ordering from the website, you can now also download The New Shakey's App from the Play Store or App Store and order your Shakey's treats using that. So, whether you dial, click, or tap, it's very easy to have Shakey's Time anytime, anywhere.

Send-a-Shakey's to a loved one, today!
Oh, and don't forget to share the love! You may also want to order items and have them delivered to a loved one's house. Just use your credit card or Paypal account and the food is good to go! So convenient, right? ;-)

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