Sunday, June 14, 2015

Contours Body Design Studio on Excess Fat: "We Melt It, You Burn It"

So you are frustrated at having excess fat in various areas of your body. What are you going to do about it? Some of you would probably say you'd like to undergo liposuction while others may prefer to just control what they eat and engage in exercises. Some would think about the hard work and expense it's going to take and give up the thought of getting slimmer there and then.

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If you want less effort and more results, you may want to visit Contours Body Design Studio. This clinic offers Laserfit, a holistic approach to weight loss and body contouring. It is a combination of non-invasive Cold Laser (Zerona) exposure to melt fat, 10 minute workouts to burn fats, and proper nutritional recommendations. 

According to Dr. Claudine S. Roura, Contours President and Managing Director, a cold laser treatment will release fat from the body for three days. BUT, to maximize results and capitalize on the effectivity of the cold laser, you should accompany it with 10 minute workouts to burn fats, trim down, and lose weight. 

Dr. Roura explaining how Laserfit works
The Laserfit Protocol involves: 40 minutes of Zerona 2-3 times a week; 10 minute interval training workout; 10 minute vibrafit exercises; daily 10 minute workouts at home; 7-inch diet plate recommendations or a structured meal plan; and behavioral modification techniques. 
Dr. Roura assured that patients usually begin to see improvement after the second session when you notice your clothes getting looser, an indicator of fat loss. Results, however, may vary depending on a person's weight and fat conditions.

Vibrafit machine in Contours' exercise room
She also added that slimming treatments can only get you so far. If you don't accompany them with exercise and the proper diet, it's not fair to expect that you will remain slim. Thus, Contours also recommends undergoing Acutrim alongside the Laserfit. 

Acutrim is a special form of no-needle laser acupuncture. They use a cold laser combined with micronutrient stimulator on specific acupuncture points in the ears and body to suppress appetite and hunger center activity of the brain. It will help control your hunger cravings, speed up your metabolism, and enhance your current diet and exercise program. Acutrim is also said to release the happy hormones (endorphins) that will make you feel a state of well being even while going through the initial stages of going hungry. 

Acutrim device
Dr. Roura recommends weekly sessions of Acutrim for 4 weeks with the last treatment extending effects for another 4 to 6 weeks. She explained that this length of time would be helpful in the transition to a healthier lifestyle as your body adjusts to eating smaller meals. Take note though that Acutrim is not designed to be a stand alone treatment. 

"This is not a diet, it's simply a tremendous aid to accelerate weight loss," reminded Dr. Roura. "Real change requires a little common sense and a fair amount of discipline and patience. You know the weight didn't come on overnight and you also know it's not possible to lose it overnight." Makes sense!

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