Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics Offers the Tri-Shaper Treatment for Faster Body Sculpting

One of the things women (well, even men) get conscious about is having cellulite. Some try to get rid of these unwanted fats through dieting while others resort to rigorous exercise. However, fats that have accumulated over the years seemed to have settled in for the long run. Think of it as cooking oil or lard that hardened and won't budge despite a lot of shaking.

Vine in BGC
What melts "sleeping" oil is heat, right? At Vine Holistic and Medical Aesthetics, Medical Director Dr. Emehly Sevilla-Castillo shared that there are other ways to eliminate cellulite aside from diet and exercise. "We have non-surgical body sculpting treatments that will help you slim down faster," she explained. 

private treatment room
People who don't like undergoing surgery or getting injections can avail of various services offered at Vine. Dr. Em had me try their Tri-Shaper treatment that involves three procedures in one session. She said patients can immediately see results from before and after measurements. However, one should complete the recommended number of sessions for best results.

diagnostic testing
Before we began, Nurse Jean did some diagnostic tests to find out details like my weight and BMI using a high-tech looking gadget. She also took measurements of my upper waist, waist, and hip areas. Their treatment rooms, by the way, are cozy and private.

lipocavitation machine
The first machine used was for LipoCavitation. For 15 minutes, Nurse Jean applied pressure on my tummy area using a wand with a large round end. This, she described, helps break down fat tissues under the skin, which will be naturally eliminated by my body in the next few days.

body toner
Next, she brought in a body-toning machine with a lot of cables and flat plates. She placed several on tummy area and secured them using elastic straps with velcro. For several minutes, I felt electric pulses "shaking" my fat cells. The sensations were not unpleasant at all and I was given choices as to the intensity of the pulses I can tolerate. 

flat plates that deliver pulses of energy
The last machine was for radio-frequency therapy. This delivered heat on fatty areas using a wand with a flat end. I appreciated how Nurse Jean was quick to move the wand from area to area because I didn't have time to feel too much heat on my tummy. 

RF machine
In less than an hour, based on before and after measurements, I lost a total of 8.5 cm on my upper waist, waist, and hip areas. According to Dr. Em, there are patients who further combine other treatments, such as injections, to hasten their slimming goals. 

The Good Juice
Apart from the Tri-Shaper, I had an opportunity to try a couple of The Good Juice flavors, which Vine recommends as helpful aids to slimming down some more. They taste really good! I wouldn't mind spending one whole day drinking them in place of eating solid foods. 

with (from left) Maureen Roy of Vine, Ghia San Pedro of The Good Juice,
and Dr. Emehly Sevilla-Castillo  
Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics is located at Unit 2H Mezzanine Level, The Grand Hamptons Tower II, 2nd Avenue, BGC Taguig City. For inquiries, call 0917-8590642 / 217-2687 or email

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