TOMS Holds One Day for Better Days at Bonifacio Global City

My husband is a barefoot runner so I always get that question if I'll also run barefoot any time soon. My replies were always an adamant "no." I don't think I could endure the heat from the pavements nor the sharp stones that might result in painful cuts. 

no shoes!
And yet, I did say "yes" to walking barefoot the other day for a good cause. Last May 21, people all over the world supported TOMS' One Day for Better Days by walking without shoes so that underprivileged kids won't have to. I was glad to be part of this campaign that aims to remind people of the urgent needs of children for proper health and education. 

one day without shoes
I joined a large group of people, led by popular Filipino tour guide Carlos Celdran, in walking a whole block around Bonifacio High Street at past five in the afternoon. The experience reminded me a bit of walking on warm sand (because the sidewalks have retained the day's heat) although there were tiny pebbles that would appear every now and then that made me wince in discomfort. It was heartbreaking to imagine young kids going through this every day not because they want to, but because they had no other choice :(

Carlos Celdran 
One Day Without Shoes sends a clear message how tough it is not to have any protection on your feet. This endeavor sheds light on how providing basic necessities as simple as shoes can help poor children and protect them from health risks associated with walking on bare feet. By helping shield these young ones' soles, they are given more chances to grow up happy, healthy, and safe.

walking without shoes
For the past week or so, we have been encouraging friends online to post photos of their bare feet on Instagram because TOMS will match every photo with a new pair of shoes that will be sent to a child in need. 

bloggers' bare feet
In case you were not able to join the online and offline campaigns, you can still help! TOMS' unique business model enables customers to indirectly share their blessings through corresponding benefits to someone in need for every product purchase. Learn more about this One for One advocacy here and here

with blogger friends Earth Rullan and Ruth Dela Cruz 
I hope we'd all continue to help others in any way we can -- even if what we can only afford at the moment is to share news about worthwhile campaigns online. We all have the capacity to help so let's keep finding out how we can contribute to the world in positive ways! 

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