Mondelez Philippines: Capturing the Filipino Taste for 52 Years

I grew up with food and beverage brands that remain popular to this day. If you are also familiar with Tang, Eden Cheese, Oreo, Cheez Whiz, Toblerone, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Halls, and Tiger Energy Biscuits, you should realize by now that you've been snacking with Mondelez Philippines for a long time!

Cooking with Mondelez products is really easy!
As a backgrounder, Mondelez was the name chosen for the snacks company that once formed part of the former Kraft Foods. When there was a split with the North American arm that handles the grocery portfolio in 2012, Mondelez International was created, but with the same heritage in snack-making.

outputs of our group effort
In the Philippines, the global snacking company's expertise is put to good use in creating delicious flavor and packaging innovations to add more fun to Filipino's merienda moments. This summer, make sure to enjoy great snacks during beach outings, picnics, and more with Mondelez Philippines' season-appropriate new flavors and packs.

ingredients for a healthy sandwich
I had the chance to learn how to prepare several yummy snack items using Mondelez products at The Cookery Place in Bonifacio Global City recently. It was fun to discover how effortless it is to prepare them thanks to easy-to-find ingredients.

prepping to make Oreo polvoron
Under the guidance of Chef Rhenee Sy, with friends and fellow bloggers Marj Uy and Jing Javier, we prepared three easy recipes that you may also want to do at home! Just follow the simple instructions below:

Apple Grape Chicken Sandwich Delight (serves 2)

healthy sandwich!
1. Slice 1 piece green apple crosswise. Discard both ends, remove the core and seeds, and place pieces in a bowl.
2. Slice 1/4 kilo of grapes in half lengthwise and place in the same bowl as the apple pieces. Mix in with a dash of cinnamon and toss slowly. Set aside.
3. Slice off the bread crust from 4 bread slices. Spread Eden Mayo on each slice.
4. Arrange the fruit slices on top of 2 bread slices, apple slices on each side and grape slices lined up to form 4 rows. Add some chopped cooked chicken. Top with grated Eden Cheese.
5. Top each slice with the fruits with the other 2 bread slices. Slice the sandwiches in half, lengthwise.

Tip: Eden Mayo has a creamy cheese taste that makes this sandwich more delicious!

Polvoron with Oreo Coconut Delight

polvoron with a twist
1. Heat a skillet then cook 1 1/2 cups cake flour until light brown.
2. Add 3/4 cup powdered milk and make sure the two combine well.
3. Add 3/4 cup sugar, 1/2 cup melted butter and 1/2 cup crushed Oreo Coconut Delight. Blend all the ingredients well.
4. Place the mix into a polvoron mold.
5. Unmold. Serve as is or wrap with Japanese paper.

Tip: The Oreo Coconut Delight will give this recipe the aroma of real coconuts.

Iced Fruits with Tang (serves 4)

Chef Rhenee pouring a glass of Tang with iced fruits
1. Mix 1 packet (25g) of Tang Dalandan with 1 liter of water in a pitcher. Set aside.
2. With a kitchen or ice cream scooper, scoop small balls of 1/2 medium-sized mango and 1/2 medium-sized melon. Place the balls into 2 ice cube trays. Pour the mixed Tang Dalandan into the trays. Freeze.
3. Chill the remaining mixed Tang Dalandan.
4. Before serving, get the ice cubes with the fruits and place equal cubes of mango and melon into tall glasses. Pour in the chilled Tang Dalandan. Serve.

Tip: The Tang Dalandan ice cubes ensure that the drink mixture will not be watered down and the fruits will give the drink a decorative color.

Really easy, right? I'm sure kids would love the different and interesting flavors all these bring. Learn more about creating delicious moments of joy by visiting Happy eating! :) 

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