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Find Treasures with Exquisite Craftsmanship and Quality at MYGOLD

For many women, jewelry are considered precious heirlooms that are more than decorative accessories. Rather, they serve as a fitting remembrance of celebrations and important milestones. A lot of these keepsakes include symbols of love such as engagement rings; of a lifelong commitment expressed through a pair of wedding bands; or of new beginnings via the gift of a dazzling pair of earrings or a lovely bracelet.

PMAP models wearing MYGOLD pieces
Given the Filipinos' penchant for celebrating life milestones and a natural inclination to express love through creative ways, MYGOLD jewelry has become a favored brand when it comes to quality pieces. The brand actually started as a two-display showcase inside a department store, which shoppers from all walks of life found hard not to notice because of the elegantly displayed beautiful pieces.

pretty pieces with pearls

MYGOLD initially offered religious items made from Philippine gold until 1987 when it partnered with another manufacturer from Singapore. Since then, the brand has started producing a more diverse lineup of pieces featuring diamonds, pearls, and today, even colored stones.

religious-themed jewelry
Two decades later, MYGOLD held its first-ever private sale in 2007 through a bank partnership. Clients enjoyed an exclusive viewing of newer and more sophisticated collections that included pieces with diamonds and south sea pearls.

By its 30th anniversary in 2012, MYGOLD proudly celebrated having 15 branches all over the country. It has earned the trust of its clients through the years as it was also able to provide GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificates for diamond purchases and other jewelry items.

elegant jewelry pieces
MYGOLD has also become the choice of many for everyday pieces that add sparkle to one's looks. If you want customized jewelry, the brand also accepts special orders. More than the tradition of offering beautifully-made jewelry, MYGOLD aims to be part of peoples' lives so they can celebrate life events with attractive keepsakes.

pretty charm bracelets
Recently, MYGOLD has become part of the SM Makati's Branded Accessories Department, which features a select number of local and imported brands. Officially launched last April 30, MYGOLD's first partnership with SM Malls marked another exciting beginning for this jewelry store.

more beautiful pieces to choose from
The ribbon cutting ceremony was graced by MYGOLD's Merrill Gaisano (owner) and Francesca Zosa (Marketing Manager) as well as SM representatives. Live mannequins featuring Professional Models Association of the Philippines' (PMAP) Jach Manere, Kylie Verzosa, and Anna Buquid were also present to wear MYGOLD's finest diamond, south sea pearls, and Italian gold pieces that complemented the elegant designs of Mary Ty-Apares of Very Mary.

from left: Merrill Gaisano, Francesca Zosa, and SM representatives
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