The Breathtaking Sunsets of Siquijor Island, Philippines

People close to me are aware about how much I love sunsets. I take photos of them even while inside moving vehicles zooming over elevated roads like the Skyway! I don't exactly know, but there's something about sunsets that makes me want to capture their beautiful hues again and again so I can continue to appreciate them even after they've gone.

waiting for the sun to set
Recently, I had the opportunity to stay in Coco Grove Resort in Siquijor where the sunset views are simply fantastic. It was late afternoon and we've just finished the Cebu Pacific Juan for Fun Mini Challenge. My friend and fellow blogger, Aleah, and I decided to rest and wait on the beachfront for the sun to set beyond the sea.

beautiful grays and yellows
From bright yellow with touches of calming blue, the sky slowly transformed into a mellow orange that eventually turned bright and red. I don't think I've ever been to another place yet where this rapid change in colors happens. Unless I was too busy in the past to look!

almost orange
So it was with utmost pleasure and gratitude that I sat there, transfixed, while basking in the early evening glow as I repeatedly clicked on my camera shutter to catch the rapidly changing colors as they come.

pink, red, and purple hues
I didn't realize that I was able to get some really good shots until I was home in Manila and transferred the files to my laptop.  Although not as breathtaking as seeing them unfold before my very eyes, having these still vibrant pictures makes my first ever Siquijor sunset more memorable and special.

an amazing tropical island sunset
Someday. I wish to go back there with my loved ones, especially my husband. I am positive that they, too, will stare in awe at the majestic sight that God prepares every day to surprise and delight those who take the time to stop and appreciate one of nature's best gifts to man.

sunset view from the Island of Fire
For those wondering, you can travel to Siquijor by taking a flight to Dumaguete via Cebu Pacific Air then booking a ferry ride to the island. Here's ticking this off of my bucket list! :)

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