It's Sakura Season at Tokyo Bubble Tea!

My hubby and I love dining at Tokyo Bubble Tea because, aside from their delicious milk teas, they also offer tummy-filling dishes that go well with their famous beverages. This summer, Tokyo Bubble Tea is bringing the Sakura Season to our country for those of us who are unable to just fly to Japan and see the actual cherry blossoms there.

husband and wife bonding at Tokyo Bubble Tea BGC
For many people around the world, one of the most beautiful sights is the blooming of the cherry blossom trees during springtime. Even the Japanese can't get enough of it thus they have been celebrating Hanami for hundreds of years by having picnics under the famous trees to simply marvel and appreciate the lovely flowers. 

Sakura Season
In the Philippines, feel the spring vibe by taking a sip of the Sakura JCC Milk Teas! They will not only quench your thirst, you'll enjoy the Sakura spin on the typical Tokyo Bubble Tea JCC. I tried the Sakura Taro Milk Tea while hubby ordered the Sakura Strawberry Milk Tea. Both are yummy! I plan to try the Sakura Royal Milk Tea next visit.

Strawberry and Taro milk teas
What's doubly nice was that our milk teas were perfect companions to our Sakura Bento Trays, which are very, very filling! I had the Sakura Soy Ginger Fish and hubby had Sakura Chicken Katsu. Another variant is the Sakura Ebi Furai with Hamburg. Each tray comes with a main course, miso soup, fried rice, Sakura salad, and Sakura maki that were created especially for the season!

Sakura Soy Ginger Fish
Make sure to mix and match these trays and drinks so you can get to pick a prize from the special Sakura tree found inside the store. You might win exclusive Tokyo Bubble Tea merchandise such as cute plush toys and snazzy trees featuring the brand's three favorite Bubblets: Sakura, Midori, and Ichiban, or food vouchers that you can use on your next visit. 

Sakura Chicken Katsu
Oh, and if your tummy can still accommodate dessert after finishing off the already sumptuous meal, order a slice of Sakura Mango Roll made by Honeybon! This limited edition cake has lightly sweet pink frosting that covers a soft and delicious chiffon cake. The creamy mango center is a perfect complement to the sweetness of the outer layers. 

Sakura Mango Roll 
The Sakura Season menu is only available for a limited time so make sure to dine at any of the Tokyo Bubble Tea branches, soon!

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