Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hide Major and Minor Skin Imperfections with Coverderm, Now Available Exclusively at Watson's

It is natural to be conscious of skin conditions. Whether we like it or not, our society today is more judgmental when it comes to physical looks. During the Coverderm launch in Makati recently, we met a girl named Khrys with a large birthmark and chickenpox scars on her face and a guy named Dion with a big tattoo on his chest. 

Coverderm products
Both admit to being conscious of how they look. Dion even shared that he found it hard to land a good job because of his tattoo. Thanks to skilled makeup artists, the "flaws" were covered up until they were unnoticeable. The event host also surprised us by revealing a tattoo on her left arm when she removed the Coverderm foundation applied on it. I was impressed by what I saw because I've never seen a concealer that effective! 

we didn't know she had a tattoo until she removed the Coverderm foundation on her arm!
Coverderm advanced derma cosmetics have actually been around for 80 years now. It has been helping men and women manage various skin conditions through products that provide unparalleled coverage. It's no wonder dermatologists have been recommending Coverderm to flawlessly correct problems such as vitiligo, melanoma, birth marks, acne scars, and couperose. The products can also help mask the redness resulting from laser treatments as well as temporarily hide the largest of tattoos.

Khris Mae's skin problems
This brand was started in the 1930s by professional American chemist, Lydia O' Leary. Coverderm made history as the world's first camouflage foundation, earning it a US patent and becoming the only make-up brand to do so. Today, Coverderm is developed and manufactured by Farmeco Co., which was awarded by the Global Trade Leaders Club with the 23rd International Quality Prize in 2009.

makeup artist covering Khris Mae's skin imperfections
According to Brady Pharma COO, Tenambhat K. Ramesh, Coverderm has already been available in the country since February 2014 but only through derma clinics. "It is the only brand in the Philippines that can hide all major and minor imperfections naturally for 24 hours," he shared.

Dion's tattoo
Jojo dela Cruz, Marketing Manager for Brady Pharma, added that Coverderm is waterproof and sweat-proof, so it will not easily come off. "[It] has become popular with dermatologists [who] prescribe it to patients with skin imperfections, especially [those] who have undergone laser treatments."

Rome Maglalang of Brady Pharma covering Dion's tattoo
Whether you need major or minor coverage, check out the Coverderm Classic Line that includes:
Coverderm Concealing Foundation - available in 12 shades, it is the ultimate choice for covering serious skin imperfections and discolorations in addition to covering minor problems like acne, age spots, vitiligo, and sunspots
Coverderm Perfect Legs - available in 9 shades, can be used for the whole body and conceal varicose veins, phlebitis, and stretch marks
Coverderm Perfect Legs Fluid - is packaged in an airless dispenser for product safety and hygiene
Coverderm Skin Protector - for added skin defense, it is an ideal make-up base that provides hydration, reduces roughness and scaling, and repairs the skin barrier
Coverderm Skin Basics - is a multipurpose cream that replenishes through the anti-aging action of vitamins A and E and deep moisturization through Hyaluronic Acid
Coverderm Removing Cream - removes waterproof make-up at the end of the day and doesn't irritate skin 

Coverderm Classic Line in beige containers; CC line in blue
Aside from the above-mentioned products, there's also Coverderm CC Cream for Face and Coverderm CC Cream for Eyes. They have 12 advantages: brightening, nourishing, moisturizing, and soothing skin; providing anti-blemish, anti-redness, anti-aging, anti-irritant benefits; unifying skin tone; tightening pores; controlling sebum; and providing UVA/UVB protection. Both products are available in two shades.

Coverderm Classic Line
If you are excited to try the products, rejoice because Coverderm is now exclusively available at select Watson's branches. "The availability of Coverderm in the retail chain is very exciting for us as more people will be aware that there is make-up that can flawlessly hide major and minor imperfections," affirmed Mr. Ramesh. "It is very important since many people suffer from a lack of confidence and self-esteem because of these imperfections. They all need simple solutions to their big problems [so they can] have a normal life life and ultimately be happy."

Brady Pharma Executives
Coverderm is exclusively distributed by Brady Pharma Inc., located at 5/F CLMC Building, 259 EDSA, Wack Wack, Greenhills East, Mandaluyong City. It is available at the following stores: Watson's Makati Department Store, Watson's Mall of Asia Genext, Watson's Ayala Cebu, and soon in Watson's Megamall Department Store and Watson's Cebu Department Store.

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