Thursday, April 09, 2015

Fight Before Mosquitoes Bite with NEW MozzStop Mosquito Ovicide and Larvicide

In 2014, according to the World Health Organization website, a total of 59,943 dengue cases were reported from January 1 to September 6 by the National Epidemiology Center of the Philippines’ Department of Health. Unfortunately, majority of the infected patients were aged five to 14 with a total of 242 deaths recorded, most of whom were children.

Dengue, and other mosquito-borne diseases, continues to affect thousands of Filipinos every year. Thus, we should really find ways to avoid getting bitten by infected mosquitoes.

Last month, I opened a pack of MozzStop Mosquito Ovicide and Larvicide to see for myself how it works. One sealed pack contains two black plastic jars, two MozzStop sachets, and two flat wooden sticks. 

opened MozzStop kit

MozzStop is an FDA-approved mosquito control product made of natural ingredients (black pepper and rice hull ash), which can control the growth of dengue-carrying mosquitoes by killing mosquito eggs and larvae. 

It works by: 1) attracting mosquitoes into the container, 2) trapping mosquitoes and killing both its eggs and wrigglers, and 3) lasting for 21 days by keeping mosquitoes at bay and preventing its population from growing. There are small stickers in the packet where you can write the end date of the 21 days and attach outside the jar so you’ll remember when it’s time to replace the mixture.

sticker reminder 
Setting up the MozzStop system is easy. Just fill the black jar with 250ml water then empty the contents of one sachet into it. Add more water if the liquid evaporates before 21 days are up. Immerse the wooden stick into the water. This is where mosquitoes will latch onto the stick and lay their eggs.

I placed one container in one corner of the entertainment center in our living room and another container under the computer desk in my kids’ room. Although all our doors and windows are covered with screens, mosquitoes still get inside somehow, so we do get itchy bite marks on our arms and legs once in a while.

setting up the MozzStop system
I had to refill the water after a couple of weeks as the summer heat made it evaporate quickly. After 21 days, I poured out the remaining contents of one jar in a clear container. I couldn’t quite verify if there were mosquito eggs and dead wrigglers there though. 

I also didn’t actually see mosquitoes coming near the jars during the time they were stationed in our living room and the boys’ room. However, we did notice that the number of times we seem to get bitten by mosquitoes became much lesser, which means less instances too of resorting to using the pungent-smelling mosquito sprays or coils. I've yet to try using MozzStop in areas outside our house, like the front porch and laundry area, but plan to do so, soon.

what the mixture looks like after 21 days
If you have problems with mosquitoes, MozzStop is a safe alternative that you might want to try, especially if you have young kids in the house you wouldn’t want inhaling toxic fumes from any insect sprays. 

MozzStop is available at Mercury Drug, Pioneer, and Handyman outlets nationwide. It costs P120/kit and P45/sachet. For more information and other updates, please like MozzStop on Facebook.

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