Saturday, March 28, 2015

Three Strategies to Optimize Your Business This 2015

Successful business owners know and understand that they have to continue implementing strategies to enhance their bottom line. If you are just starting your business, or are finding it hard to increase your conversion rates, know that there are a lot of techniques and tips you can use that could help your company generate the type of revenue that you want. How? Here are three strategies on how to optimize your business so it becomes a real money magnet:

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1. Find and get all the right equipment - You have to have all tools in place in order to function effectively! Know what your business requires to ensure that your daily operations run smoothly. When you have everything you need at your immediate disposal, you and your staff can do your tasks easily and precisely. In many cases, some of the essential equipment needed by companies are roller cabinets, portable boxes, hutches, and top chests to keep things organized and neat. Check out Elite Toolboxes' website because they can provide you with these kinds of products and more. Click here to learn more about this company.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Experiencing a Couple of Firsts at Shakey's Color Fun Run

Hubby and I joined Shakey's Color Fun Run the other morning and I became a first-timer when it came to 1) joining a color run, and 2) running along Roxas Boulevard

photo credit: ARC PR
The moment I saw Shakey's poster announcing the event to celebrate its 40th year anniversary, I sensed it would be fun. And it was! The course for all participants was just 5k so I was confident it won't be hard to finish because that distance, so far, is my comfort zone. 

Ready to run!
Photo credit: Dodie Legaspi
My husband and I arrived in Shakey's Raja Sulayman, Malate branch before 5AM and got our race kits which included the bib, a white quick dry shirt, and goggles. Gun start was at 6AM and we joined hundreds of runners going to the U-turn at Buendia overpass.

Photo credit: ARC PR

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Welcome Summer with Selecta Ice Cream's 3 New Flavors!

The weather has become hotter the past couple of weeks. No doubt, the start of the summer season is already here and I'm sure it's bound to get even warmer by May. I'm not worried though because there are a lot of ways to cool down and beat the heat!

One of the easiest? Enjoy a cup or bowl of Selecta Ice Cream! The good news is, our favorite ice cream brand has come up with three new flavors that are perfect to welcome summer with. 

If you're fond of that local milky and chewy candy that's sprinkled with sugar, you'll love Selecta's Ube Pastillas flavor. Aside from the creamylicious ube ice cream, there are bits and pieces of real pastillas you'll get to chew and savor while they melt inside your mouth.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

NELTEX Pipe Lining Sustainability: Offering Solutions to Major Pipeline Problems

Did you know, pipes only comprise 3% of the total cost of a building or a house? And because they are mostly hidden, they sometimes become the most neglected. That is, until a leak happens.

a creatively designed "glass" house that unhides all pipes
These days, climate change and urbanization are affecting the pipeline industry more and more. In the Philippines, typhoons averaging 20 times a year with storm surges causing heavy flooding in thoroughfares are putting undue pressure on water and electrical pipes. In addition, a burgeoning population means environmental wastes passing through sewers at accelerated speeds. Imagine the health risks if wastewater seeps through pipes that deliver water to households!

Outside, the endless road constructions, pipe laying, and repairs that cause heavy traffic have seemingly become part of our daily lives. We also see skyscrapers and more houses being built almost everywhere we look. With all these constructions going on, pipe manufacturing companies are expected to come up with precise state-of-the-art, durable, and reliable products that are 100% leak-free and yet environmentally-friendly and health-safe.

different colored pipes for different uses 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Earning my First Finisher's Medal at the 7-Eleven 1500 Run

When it comes to running, I can definitely say I'm not the competitive type. I just try to enjoy the health benefits this sport has been giving me. Since I started running again last year, I found myself less prone to being out of breath even during simple activities such as sprinting to catch the MRT or climbing a long flight of stairs. 

Every time my hubby brings home another medal or finisher's shirt from joining 21k or 42k races, or when I see friends' posts on Facebook about their running achievements, I feel happy for them because I know they've really set goals to run faster distances.  

Me? I'm simply content being able to finish 5k in the races I've recently joined. It was so nice though to find out that every runner who'd join the 7-Eleven 1500 Run would get a finisher's medal. Yesterday, my husband ran 42k (barefoot) again while I signed up to finish another 5k. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Calligaris: Making it Possible to Bring Home Something Smart, Beautiful, and Italian

Calligaris, a leader in Italian home furnishings, recently opened a brand new showroom in Bonifacio Global City. This brand, based out of Manzano, Italy, was founded in 1923 by Mr. Antonio Calligaris and is now sold in 90 countries. It has over 7,000 products that would look great in various parts of one's home. 

Aside from Calligaris' vibrant red theme color, I am fascinated by its woodpecker logo, which I found out symbolizes the tireless worker with a passion for wood. This, I believe, is a fitting tribute to Calligaris' beginnings because Antonio's first product was the iconic Marocca chair, distinctive for its sturdy wooden frame, hand-woven rush seat, and slightly curved legs.  

Now, Calligaris designs use combinations of materials, experimentation, and continuous innovation. The brand has ongoing collaborations with leading designers and up-and-coming talents. Together with their R&D team, they develop solutions to answer the differing needs of their increasingly global market.

Monday, March 09, 2015

Precious Pages Launches "25 Most Precious" Coffee Table Book During the Precious Hearts Romances' Grand Fans Day

Readers of Precious Hearts Romances usually only know book authors by their pseudonyms or pen names. Most of the time, fans of a certain book series don't even know what their favorite author looks like. That is, until they attend a Grand Fans Day organized by Precious Pages Corporation, publisher of the popular Tagalog romance pocketbooks.

Recently, a lively crowd of PHR readers gathered at SM North Edsa to catch a glimpse of their favorite authors and join in celebrating Precious Pages' 25th Anniversary. The grand fans day coincided with the launching of 25 Most Precious -- a coffee table book featuring the top bestselling, most prolific, and most pioneering Tagalog romance writers of the last two and a half decades in a 160-page hardbound, premium limited edition.  

Mr. Segundo Matias Jr., PHR publisher
25 Most Precious is not only recommended to be a must-read and must-have for fans and readers of PHR, but also for aspiring writers who would like to follow in the footsteps of the popular authors featured there. The stories expound on the 25 writers' lives and the inspiring stories behind the women who have captured the hearts of millions of Filipino readers here and abroad. 

Some of the featured authors in the coffee table book

Leaders Cosmetics, Korea's Fast-Rising Cosmeceutical Brand, is Now in the Philippines!

Leaders Cosmetics, the Korean skin care brand that celebrities and beauty bloggers in Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan have been raving about is now available in the Philippines! With an estimated sales of 800,000 masks monthly, Leaders Cosmetics has become Korea's fast-rising cosmeceutical brand of dermatologically tested masks

This brand was founded in 2004 by leading dermatologists from Korea’s Seoul National University. Their mission is to bring out the inner confidence in women through beautiful skin. Thus, Leaders Cosmetics promises to deliver products that are:
  • Professionally-made. All Leaders skin care products are developed by Korea’s top dermatologists.
  • Innovative. Leaders Cosmetics continuously invests in scientific research to create unique cosmetics which will answer all existing skin problems.
  • Safe. No mineral oils, artificial colors, or animal-based ingredients are used in Leaders products. All Leaders skin care products are also dermatologically-tested.
  • Reasonably-priced. Leaders promises a reasonable price for all customers by providing affordable cosmetic containers.

Discover some of Leaders Cosmetics' bestsellers to know which one your skin needs most:

Friday, March 06, 2015

#SeizetheSummer with NEW Vaseline Water-Based Serum

Summer is here! Just feel that heat and bright sunlight outside! By now, many of you have probably started planning where to go and what to do to maximize some of the most laid-back months of the year. However, in the middle of the rush to choose destinations and pack your stuff, make sure you don't expose your skin to the harsh summer sun or else, you might just miss out on all the fun!

Here's one good news -- Vaseline, the world's pioneer in skin care, has consistently been coming up with products to help women make the most out of life. Remember this brand's iconic innovations? There's the famous petroleum jelly and the moisturizing lip therapy as well as the most recently launched breakthrough: the Instant Fair Lotion

Now that it's summer again, Vaseline presents a new innovation that answers the season's skin care concerns. Seize the summer with the NEW Vaseline Water-Based Whitening Serum that provides three modes of fairness and comes in a non-sticky formula that is easily absorbed by the skin.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

GetMed App: Offering 3 Easy Steps to Access Quality Health Care in the Philippines

Based on personal experience, it could be quite hard to find the right doctors when a member of the family gets really sick and requires medical advice. I've gone through searching websites of hospitals to check which one has doctors with the certain specializations we need. 

I've also experienced calling hospital and clinic trunklines only to be kept waiting for a long time before I get connected to a doctor's secretary. To think that time spent on doing these things still doesn't include getting an appointment and actually seeing the doctor!

The good news is, there is now a Health and Lifestyle mobile and web application that makes it more convenient to book appointments with doctors! GetMed is a medical app that aims to bridge the gap between doctors and patients as well as inspire individuals to live a healthier life. With just a few clicks you will be able to locate a doctor in a nearby hospital and make an appointment:

Monday, March 02, 2015

SMDC Lights Up Weekends of February and March with the 6th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

Sparks are flying at the SM Mall of Asia on weekends of February and March courtesy of the country's fastest-growing residential developer, SM Development Corporation (SMDC)

The 6th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition is always a highly anticipated event by fireworks enthusiasts and those looking to see the show up close can score free passes to the event! Simply visit SMDC booths and showrooms located at SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, and SM North Edsa every Saturday until March 14, 2015. 

Lucky homebuyers can still get get a chance to watch the pyromusical competition featuring Canada and the United Kingdom on March 7, and China and the Philippines on March 14. My husband and I witnessed the February 28 rivalry between Portugal and Sweden and were impressed at the creative sparks that lit up the night sky for several minutes.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Learn Philippine History Through Wonderful Works of Art at SiningSaysay in Gateway Tower Mall, Cubao

It is not that easy to share the history of any country in just a few words. There are so many momentous events that should be told and discussed first to help one better understand and appreciate a nation. This is very true of the Philippines. We have such a colorful history but it takes months of history lessons and classes before young Filipinos could totally understand what our country has been through in the past centuries.   

Atty. Gari M. Tiongco, former UPAA president
Now, there's a great way for parents and teachers to teach and let children experience history through 30 beautiful paintings in an art exhibit that chronicles our nation's life and times. SiningSaysay: Philippine History in Art covers moments from pre-historic Philippines to modern times. 

"Breaking Colonial Ties I" by Romeo Manquil
There, you'll be able to see for yourself how petroglyphs discovered in Angono, Rizal look like, or what went on during the Spanish occupation and rule. Appreciate artists' renderings of the Cry of Pugad Lawin; the declaration of independence in Kawit, Cavite; great women in history such as Gabriela Silang and Melchora Aquino; the establishment of the Commonwealth Government; the rise of the labor unions all the way to recent years when Filipinos continued to fight for justice and democracy. 

"Women Empowerment in the Philippines" by Grace "Gigi" J. Alfonso