PLDT HOME Holds 1st Movie Night Featuring Into the Woods

The end of any work week usually brings us that relief that the stresses of the past few days are over for the meantime. And what better way to unwind and cap off the week than with a nice movie?

That's just what hubby and I did last Friday night. We attended PLDT HOME's first ever movie night featuring Into the Woods at the Rockwell Cinemas. I loved the songs and how classic fairy tales were woven into the very creative story. The actors also didn't disappoint especially Meryl Streep whose vocal prowess is as impressive as ever. 

There, guests were also introduced to PLDT's latest offering -- the FAMCAM -- which i have already blogged about last month. Read more about it here.

According to PLDT HOME executives, they plan to hold more movie nights in the coming weeks so if you want chances to get free tickets, like them on Facebook and follow @pldthome on Twitter and Instagram for updates. 

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