Have Cool and Fun Breaks with Jack 'n Jill Mintini!

Every time my husband and I go on our regular practice runs, I always bring candies in my belt bag. I found that having something sweet in my mouth helps give me the bursts of energy I need while running. 

A few weeks ago, we discovered Jack 'n Jill's Mintini Chocolate-Filled Mint Candy. It's minty flavor added something nice to our runs because our mouths feel cool while the soft winds blow around us during the late afternoons. We've been bringing them along ever since.

Yesterday, we found out that there's also a Mintini Sweet Mint Soft Candy variant, which tastes great, too! These are good treats to have when you want to take an invigorating break to recharge. 

So, whether you're a student reviewing for exams or beating a deadline at work, make those short breaks count by having a minty breather in midst of your busy day. These yummy chewy candies will make you feel refreshed and ready to give whatever you've been doing another go. 

Grab a pack of Mintini candies the next time you go shopping. They're available in groceries and supermarkets near you :)   

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