Futuristic Scooter Honda CLICK 125i is now in the Philippines

The “future of scooters” is now available in the Philippines as Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) officially announces the availability of the new Honda CLICK 125i. This is equipped with New Generation Intelligent 125cc global engine with cutting edge technological features that were developed simultaneously with other Honda-dominated-scooter countries like Thailand and Indonesia.

Following the unique concept of Honda Zoomer-X, the Honda scooter revolution continues with the introduction of Honda CLICK 125i to capture the hearts of both young and young-at-heart Filipino scooter enthusiasts.

According to Elie Salamangkit Jr., New Model and Accessory Development Manager of Honda Philippines, during the launch in Trinoma last Saturday, the CLICK 125i is their answer to the Philippine scooter market customers who are looking for environment-friendly Super Sports Scooter with superior specification, unbeatable features, and “futuristic” design. 

The CLICK 125i presents an aggressive and sporty design with a sleek and innovative look based on its new engine featuring cutting-edge technology and an exhilarating ride, while projecting a slim and sharp futuristic image.

This model uses the PGM-FI, a technology pioneered by Honda since launching the CX500Turbo in 1982, the first in the world Fuel Injected Motorcycle. In this scooter, however, the innovation is not focused on the fuel injection. 

HPI's Elie Salamangkit, Jr. explaining the features of CLICK 125i
Honda’s dedication to provide the joy of riding a motorcycle is clearly demonstrated in the use of the revolutionary Honda Smart Technology. This brings future technology to the present with cut-away innovations never seen before in local motorcycle history such as Enhance Smart Power (eSP), Idling Stop System (ISS), and trendsetter Combined Brake System (CBS), which balances braking the front and rear wheels optimally.

Honda’s eSP combines high power and fuel efficiency with a quiet start and smooth eco-friendly engine. It is able to maximize efficient combustion and minimize friction to reduce the risk of waste, and to optimize energy. eSP technology is integrated with the unique Honda ACG starter that can start the engine jolt free and with a more refined sound, and with the basis for the application of advanced feature ISS.

"futuristic" dancers who performed during the event
Honda’s ACG starter is exclusively developed for comfortable frequent operation of the ISS. The engine is started via the same AC generator used to generate electricity and charge the battery while riding. This eliminates the need for a conventional starter motor, thus there are no reduction gears and gear meshing noises but smooth and quiet starts.

The PGM-FI built-in Liquid cooled engine boasts of 8.40 kW (11.4PS) @8500 RPM maximum power and 11.16 N.m @6500 RPM maximum torque and delivers class leading fuel efficiency of 64.3 km/liter at 50kph or 58.9KM/liter under ECE R40 testing method. (*Actual fuel consumption may be higher or lower depending on drivers’ habits and actual driving condition).

One of the reasons for CLICK 125i’s fuel efficiency is the ISS, which eliminates wasteful fuel consumption by automatically switching the engine off after 3 seconds in traffic lights and other brief stops as compared to the conventional engine, which continuously consume fuel once the engine is started. You can start up and go again in less than a second just by twisting the throttle.

Additionally, CLICK 125i eSP also features dependable Honda Safety and Security features like the standard automatic Side Stand Switch where the engine does not start up when in the down position, and Brake Lock is easily operated to prevent the motor from jumping when started, or remains in the idle state when stopped on a hill.

the lucky winner of a new Honda CLICK 125i
This scooter moreover has bigger tubeless tires for better traction and a more secure feeling and comfort. Another excellent feature is the ever-reliable Magnetic Key Shutter that effectively prevents theft and a push-button seat opener. The CLICK 125i also has the largest luggage capacity in its class at 18 liters, which allows storage of a full-face helmet!

Aesthetics-wise, this cool-looking scooter is complemented by its Trendsetter LCD Meter Panel and class leading Dual Keen Eyes LED Headlight projecting a commanding “Night-Face-Image” and provides a better advantage for the rider through 80% higher light intensity, 80% more efficient power consumption, and longer lifetime.

Spongecola, led by Yael Yuzon, treated the crowd to several of their popular songs 
Lastly, the adoption of a wide range of low-friction technologies and Excellent Combustion Efficiency of this engine ensures CLICK 125i’s better fuel efficiency and better total all-around performance.

Curious about the CLICK 125i’s price now? Given its latest technologies and appearance, it is offered at SRP PhP 87,900.00 and is available in 3 premium colors – Pearl Horizon White, Asteroid Black Metallic, and Candy Rosy Red, with Honda Geniune Accessories in selected Honda 3S shops

Honda executives
Check out the new CLICK 125i and see for yourself how it was driven by the Power of Dreams … For more information, visit www.hondaph.com

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