Did you know that 84% of women are aware that hair gets damaged from styling activities? And yet, they continue to do them because they make them feel good about themselves. In fact, 8 out of 10 women confess that they feel happier when their hair looks beautiful.

any hair length or type needs damage care
I agree! The mere fact that there's such a thing as a "bad hair day" is proof how much ladies feel about our hair. Personally, I get conscious and uncomfortable about having my photos taken during days when I feel that my hair does not look as good as I want it to.  

unfortunately, blowdrying can cause hair damage
Some of the most common, yet damaging hair activities include blowdrying, curling, straightening, and coloring. However, many still don't know that even simple acts such as towel drying, combing, brushing, and sun and wind exposure can also cause hair damage. 

Dove's intense repair haircare range

The food and beverage industry has become more and more competitive in recent years. JOLLY, a leading brand in canned fruits and vegetables, has created a learning program to help culinary students stand out and make it big. At Jolly University, students LEARN essential industry skills, CREATE career milestones, and SHARE inspiring values with others.

Jolly University aims for culinary students to be
ready for the future, today! 
Now on its second year, Jolly University continues to harness students' skills through cooking competitions while equipping them with new knowledge in the areas of Culinary, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, and Personality Development. 

Students from NU and FEU

Many of us love watching foreign and local TV shows and movies but rarely have time to really sit down during their actual airings. This is exactly why popular streaming site iWant TV was created to enable viewers to still catch up on shows they missed while they were busy with other things.

This March, viewers will no longer have to rely on their PCs or mobile devices to watch movies or their favorite cable TV and local shows because they can now directly stream them on their big HD-ready TV screen at home. SKYcable has just launched SKY On-Demand, which runs on the most advanced digibox to date.

This service harnesses the capabilities of SKYcable and SKYbroadband subscriptions to allow viewers to catch up on missed episodes or relive their favorite movies directly on TV. This is made possible by the impressive and growing video-on-demand library of iWant TV.

One for One. That's the driving force behind TOMS, a company that matches every pair of shoes bought with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. This advocacy started in 2006 when American traveler Blake Mycoskie befriended barefoot children in a village in Argentina. These little ones had no shoes to protect their feet. 

Since then, TOMS became a business that aims to improve lives. It identifies global needs and creates products to help address them. To date TOMS has already given away 35 million pairs of new shoes.

When Blake launched TOMS Eyewear in 2011, the One for One model was also applied to help restore sight to people in need with every purchase of sunglasses and optical frames. In 2014, TOMS Roasting Co. was founded with the mission to provide jobs and clean water to developing countries with the purchase of premium coffee.

For many of us, home is what we consider our happy place. No matter where we go, anywhere in the world, there will always be those moments when we wish we are sleeping on our own beds amidst the comfort of our pillows and that distinctly homey scent you can't find anywhere else.

Well-known personalities and celebrities are no different. They also seek the comfort that their personal spaces provide. So it's not surprising to know that they, too, are very particular with the furniture they use and the interior design of every room in their homes.

This is where Mandaue Foam's MF Lifestyle fits in. The maker of high quality foam mattresses is now also offering chic items for the modern Filipino family. In this visually-stimulated digital age, MF has come up with a design-forward line of home furnishings to suit any lifestyle.

Tessa and RJ
During the MF Lifestyle launch hosted by Tessa Prieto-Valdes and RJ Ledesma at the Rockwell Tent, guests got to take a sneak peek of celebrities' rooms and how they have transformed them into personalized havens they could truly call their own. 

Musician and newlywed Saab Magalona-Bacarro chose an earth-toned living room design that is perfect for her and husband.

Saab with mom Pia Magalona

The “future of scooters” is now available in the Philippines as Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) officially announces the availability of the new Honda CLICK 125i. This is equipped with New Generation Intelligent 125cc global engine with cutting edge technological features that were developed simultaneously with other Honda-dominated-scooter countries like Thailand and Indonesia.

Following the unique concept of Honda Zoomer-X, the Honda scooter revolution continues with the introduction of Honda CLICK 125i to capture the hearts of both young and young-at-heart Filipino scooter enthusiasts.

According to Elie Salamangkit Jr., New Model and Accessory Development Manager of Honda Philippines, during the launch in Trinoma last Saturday, the CLICK 125i is their answer to the Philippine scooter market customers who are looking for environment-friendly Super Sports Scooter with superior specification, unbeatable features, and “futuristic” design. 

It is very seldom that anyone would refuse a slice of yummy cake. I don't! Especially if it's from Honeybon Pastry Shop :) I love their Matcha Cappuccino and Mango Cheesecake and am looking to try other flavors in the coming days. 

If you are also a fan of Honeybon cakes and regularly buy from them, make sure you take a photo with your cake and get to win P3000 worth of Honeybon GCs in Honeybon's Sweet Valentines Challenge! Here are the mechanics:

I think fans of J.CO Donuts & Coffee will always remember the first time we got to taste this brand's products (read mine, here) and the many times we chose to patiently wait in long queues just to buy a box or two. Personally, i find most of J.CO's donuts really good because they're not too heavy nor too sweet for my taste and I am sure a lot of Filipinos continue to love them like my family does.

For those who haven't discovered it yet, J.CO not only serves mouth-watering donuts but also offers yummy yoghurt and brews cups of delicious coffee in the form of J.COFFEE hand-crafted beverages. In Indonesia, where J.CO originated, the brand is known as a lifestyle café where you can have the best-tasting coffee that's best paired with J.CO's delectable donuts. 

J.COFFEE is made using fresh shots of espresso pulled from J.CO's special blend of Italian-roast coffee beans as well as beans from locally-grown and distinct Arabica beans from Sumatra and Sulawesi, both internationally-acclaimed coffee-producing regions. 

Quick getaways are some of the best ways to unwind and temporarily escape from the stresses of busy work schedules. After all the Christmas rush and the ushering of the New Year, residents of fast-paced Metro Manila, especially, are already looking forward to some relaxation when the summer season comes.

Two Lovers Point
If you are on the lookout for your next vacation destination, consider traveling to Guam, which is just three and a half hours away from Manila. This island is the closest United States territory from the Philippines, and is also home to thousands of our fellow Filipinos. In fact, one of my sisters-in-law has already made it her home many years ago. She and her doctor-husband has a beautiful house there overlooking the ocean and which my mother-in-law describes as a wonderful place to be.

It's time to stop being conscious about wearing sleeveless tops and raising your arms! Summer is fast approaching and Dove Deodorant is here to help ladies be ready for it in every way possible. Whether you are exercising to achieve that bikini body, booking your summer getaways, or buying a new swimsuit, let Dove take care of the "dirty work" so you can approach the sun-filled season without worries.

The sad fact is, 84% of women are unhappy with their underarms, preventing them from throwing their hands up in the air without a second thought. In fact, as many as 31% of these women have admitted to skipping out on social activities due to underarm shame. Curiously, even though underarms are a major factor in enjoying summer, they are often left out until the last minute. For those who still don't know, dark underarms are a result of waxing, shaving, and plucking that irritate this body part's sensitive skin. 

How conscious are you about those small plastic wrappers we discard everyday? Wouldn't it be nice to know that they don't end up in some landfill only to stay there for decades? 

I am personally glad to find out that a campaign to champion environmental sustainability has already made a lot of progress in the past two years. This 2015, three industry leaders -- Unilever, through its laundry brand Surf, Smart Communications, and Cebuana Lhuiller -- have renewed their commitment to improve Filipino lives through their Sachet Recovery Program.  Through their joint efforts, they have created a process that is easy, convenient, and rewarding while involving and educating more consumers about sustainability and waste recycling.  

The South of Metro Manila is very much thriving these days and I am personally glad about it because I live here! There are now lots of new establishments, including must-go-to restaurants, that are just waiting to be discovered. 

Spending Valentine's Day together
One of the newest places to explore is River Park in Filinvest City, Alabang located just behind Festival Supermall. Last Saturday, it being Valentine's Day, hubby and I found time to be away from the kids for a few hours. We decided to spend it together, somewhere near, without getting caught in the expected heavy traffic that comes with such occasions. 

Mushroom Soup

"You should be kissed, and often. And by someone who knows how." 
- Rhett Butler, Gone With the Wind

This Valentine's Weekend, Dentiste Nighttime Toothpaste provides couples a delightful way to keep the love burning as it revealed the #MysteryBoxInBGC that has been intriguing people for days. 

Last February 13, guests and bystanders along Bonifacio High Street finally found out what the mystery was all about. Couples were invited to step inside the Mystery Box where they could get an intimate moment alone, away from the crowds and the noise of everyday life. 

Happy Valentine's Day dear readers! For many couples in love, celebrating Valentine's Day is not confined to February 14 only. I think that's why the Love Month was born. 

From February 12 until March 8, visit any Tokyo Bubble Tea branch and avail of their Yoshoku Valentine's Treat (YVT) with your significant other, a sibling, a parent, your child, or a friend. 

Shakey's Pizza Parlor is celebrating its 40th birthday in the Philippines and we are all invited! :) The popular pizza parlor is giving all guests EXACTLY what we want by letting us create our own meal through the Shakey's 1 to 40 Meal Deal.

Celebrate good times and great memories by picking any four of the brand's 40 most-loved offerings to customize your own meals good for four people priced at P1,240.

Jorge Q. Concepcion, Shakey's General Manager, shared that they really wanted to offer something for their 40th anniversary that has never been done before. "We just kept thinking 'we need something unique', and then it hit us -- what could be more unique than individually-customized meals? A meal for you, by you," he described.

An estimated 235 million people worldwide suffer from asthma with 250,000 deaths being recorded every year. By 2025, 100 million more are projected to suffer from this medical condition. In the Philippines, there are over 10 million cases of people with asthma, which remains the most common chronic disease of childhood morbidity as measured by school absences, hospitalizations, and visits to the emergency room.

It is frustrating to know that despite the availability of guidelines and medicines for the treatment and management of asthma, majority of patients' condition remain uncontrolled thus leading to compromised lives. According to a study, only 1% of Filipino children has well-controlled asthma. That is such a low statistic!

Thus, what more Filipinos need to know is that yes, asthma can be a serious condition BUT it can be controlled! Having access to doctors and treatment has proven to significantly decrease asthma deaths and hospitalizations. People with asthma can and do lead normal and active lives. They can even excel!

Kim Chiu

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and a lot of people have already made plans on what they're planning to do this coming weekend. Aside from going on a dinner date or booking an overnight hotel stay, don't forget to also pamper your skin and body!

The good news is, YSA Skin and Body Experts has a Couples Treat Valentines Promo where you can buy-one-get-one on their basic services: facial, diamond peel, chemical peel, cryoslim, cavislim, radio frequency (RF), warts removal, IPL hair removal, and photo rejuvenation.

This will be a great bonding treat for yourself and your special someone! In fact, I tagged hubby along when I visited YSA Skin Care Center in Festival Supermall to also have an RF tummy treatment earlier to dissolve some of the unwanted bulges in his midsection.

Valentine's Day is not just for lovers. It is also a great time to celebrate love for friends and family. So whether you have plans to go out with your spouse, boyfriend, BFFs, or the whole family, make sure you look and feel good on V-Day.

Complete your ultimate look for your Valentine's date and for other special occasions using Etude House's most versatile products that keeps your skin glowing from day 'til night!

Two months before the end of each year and a new one begins, coffee lovers already look forward to the yearly Starbucks promo where one gets the chance to be awarded a sticker with every purchase of a Starbucks handcrafted beverage

Once the required number of stickers are complete, customers can immediately redeem their own limited edition Starbucks Philippines Planner. But, did you know that while you mood brightens with every coffee cup you drink, you are also uplifting the spirits of thousands of teachers and students in public schools? 

You see, for every redeemed Starbucks Planner, Starbucks Philippines gives a donation to its beneficiaries. This year’s recipient is Teach for the Philippines, a non-profit organization that advocates for educational equity. It encourages young leaders to teach in public schools for two years and also builds relationships in support of public schools to help make sure that all Filipino children, no matter who they were born to or where, have access to an excellent and relevant education. 

It's that time of the year when ladies prepare to look their best for those special Valentine's Day moments with our significant others. But, whether you are single or taken, you have no excuse to neglect your skin! After all, looking and feeling good is important to one's self-confidence.

Here's sharing some of TONYMOLY's recommended products that will help you get that effortless glowing skin when you need it, not only on V-Day but on many other special occasions throughout the year. 

One of the best ways to celebrate true love this Valentine's month is to have a great meal with the person closest to your heart. A good destination is Lucia Ristorante, a top choice in Makati City for those who love authentic Italian cuisine

This Valentine's Day weekend, bring your date to Lucia Ristorante and avail of its Sparkling Valentine's Day Special. Why? Here are 5 good reasons:

1. This promo for lovers features a 4-course degustation menu, Prosecco wine, and live piano entertainment on the night of February 14. Now that's the right "recipe" for a romantic evening!

2. The special menu of Italian flavors is prepared exclusively for the occasion by Executive Chef Davide Lombardi. Each set meal is composed of mouth-watering selections that are elegantly served and paired with a complimentary glass of Prosecco sparkling Italian wine.

Every time my husband and I go on our regular practice runs, I always bring candies in my belt bag. I found that having something sweet in my mouth helps give me the bursts of energy I need while running. 

A few weeks ago, we discovered Jack 'n Jill's Mintini Chocolate-Filled Mint Candy. It's minty flavor added something nice to our runs because our mouths feel cool while the soft winds blow around us during the late afternoons. We've been bringing them along ever since.

Yesterday, we found out that there's also a Mintini Sweet Mint Soft Candy variant, which tastes great, too! These are good treats to have when you want to take an invigorating break to recharge. 

Anyone who loves to cook or host parties can usually be found in stores that sell stuff for the home. I actually have one mommy friend who enjoys browsing at Gourdo's for an hour or more per visit just to shop for new stuff she could use.  

Gourdo’s first opened its doors at The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City in 2001. More than ten years down the line, this home specialty store continues to search for the best in food and cooking by scouring the continents, from Europe to North America and Asia.

Through the years, Gourdo’s has been a reliable source for premium names in kitchenware and cookware at affordable prices. In fact, their table top line-up also offers value-for-money options, with a wide range of stylish pieces to complete any dining and service set up. Some of the brands that have found a spot at Gourdo’s are Wilton, Wusthof, Microplane, Lodge, Ballarini, Swissmar, Libbey, Tovolo, and Trudeau. Gourdo's also has its own in-house labelled products.

The end of any work week usually brings us that relief that the stresses of the past few days are over for the meantime. And what better way to unwind and cap off the week than with a nice movie?

That's just what hubby and I did last Friday night. We attended PLDT HOME's first ever movie night featuring Into the Woods at the Rockwell Cinemas. I loved the songs and how classic fairy tales were woven into the very creative story. The actors also didn't disappoint especially Meryl Streep whose vocal prowess is as impressive as ever. 

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