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YOREE Korean Barbeque Dining Opens 2nd Branch in Molito, Alabang

I have learned to love Korean cuisine the past couple of years even though I am not that fond of extremely spicy food. What some people don't know is that not all Korean food leave the tongue burning! Many dishes are simply delicious and flavorful.

Thus, it was really easy to say yes to an invitation to YOREE Korean Barbeque Dining's branch opening in Molito, Alabang the other day. I am glad that this dining establishment is now more accessible to a south Metro Manila resident like me.

food can be grilled at your own table
YOREE's interior gives off an elegant and inviting vibe. The soft lighting and lovely decor definitely make for a pleasurable dining experience. I appreciate how each table has its own heating plate and grill because servers won't need to transfer portable stoves from table to table and keep customers waiting.

Rhian and Vanessa

Celebrities Rhian Ramos and Vanessa Matsunaga were present during the ribbon cutting ceremony. It was nice to see one of the ladies gamely trying her hand at cooking before they both took bites of barbecued meat and seafood.

with Roselle Miranda of Good Housekeeping magazine, and fellow bloggers
Levy Martinez and my hubby
The group at our table was a happy bunch. We merrily tasted everything that was put in front of us and agreed that they were some of the best Korean dishes we've come across so far. But before we started eating at YOREE, we found the moist towelettes very entertaining! Check this short video, why!

While waiting for your orders, make sure to try the various side dishes, which include the popular Kimchi and sweet and spicy anchovies. The iced tea, served in a mason jar with a really pretty lid, is very refreshing!

We started dinner with a small bowl of Juk or rice porridge and Haemul Pajeon, the traditional Korean pancake made with rice and wheat flour with clams, octopus, shrimp, and green onion. It's a bit spicy but I like the textures the seafood items bring to this dish.  

Haemul Pajeon - P198.00
Another must-try egg dish is the Gyeranjjim. It's light and fluffy steamed egg on hot stone. The flavor is subtle but lip-smacking. I was the one who finished the serving because I enjoyed scraping and eating the browned parts on the side of the stone bowl. 

Gyeranjjim - P198.00
Japchae is one of my top favorite noodle dishes but it was my first time to eat it served wrapped in white paper. This has sautéed beef and vegetables with sweet potato noodles cooked "papillote" style. Trivia: "en papillote" is French for "in parchment", a method of cooking where food is put into a folded pouch to create a seal and hold moisture. The papillote is ideally opened at the table so people can smell the aroma when it's opened.   

Japchae - P198.00
When the Jeyuk Bokkeum was served at your table, we cheerfully plucked fresh lettuce leaves from the beautifully arranged, centerpiece-looking vase of greens. The premium pork chuck marinated in YOREE's signature hot and spicy sauce was lovely to eat wrapped (make it bite-sized) with steamed rice and drizzled with some of the sauces served on our table.  

Jeyuk Bokkeum - P298.00
Another delicious YOREE offering is the Yangnyeom Galbi that has marinated USDA Prime Short Rib served with prawn and octopus. I enjoyed every bite of this! 

Yangnyeom Galbi - P895.00
If you love our Filipino soup dish Nilagang Baka, go for the Galbitang as this is similar to our local version with several twists. The Korean hearty beef soup is made with USDA Choice Short Rib and added with ginseng, jujube, and sweet potato noodles. I couldn't get enough of the flavorful soup and really tender meat! 

Galbitang -- P398.00
We capped off our sumptuous meal with Sikhye, the sweet and cold Korean traditional rice punch, which was accompanied by some dried berries that were interestingly crunchy and naturally sweet. These are healthy alternatives to calorie-laden desserts! P78

Dried berries and Sikhye - P78.00  
Aside from the great food, one highlight of our evening was seeing international star Lea Salonga and her family also enjoying their food at another table. My husband asked them to pose for a photo and Lea's daughter, Nicole, adorably smiled in between chews. What a lovely little girl! 

Lea Salonga and family
YOREE is located in Molito Complex which is along Alabang-Zapote road perpendicular to Madrigal Avenue. It's the second branch next to the one in Bonifacio Global City. Visit YOREE soon and enjoy its good food and great ambiance. 

this lovely corner on the second floor is ideal for a photo op :D 
Ask about the set meals for lunch and dinner aside from the ala carte dishes. They also have private rooms on the second floor for exclusive lunches and dinners or business meetings.  

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