Uber Manila: Smooth Rides, Personal Drivers, and Cashless Transactions

If you regularly ride taxis around Metro Manila, you probably have encountered rude and demanding drivers, meters that fall too fast, inefficient air conditioning, bad smelling interiors, and on and on and on. Agree? 

hitching an Über ride with fellow bloggers Jonel, Marj, and Ryan
Sometime last year, I got a code that I can use for a free Uber ride. I have been vaguely aware of this service for a few months then, but haven't had the chance to research about it and ask around how it works. Since it was rush hour and I'll be going to Intramuros from Makati, I know heavy traffic would cost me a lot if I take a regular taxi. So I decided to use the code given to me by CreamSilk

First, I downloaded Uber for free from the App Store. Upon registration, I was asked to provide details such as my name, email address, mobile phone number, and photo. I also had to scan my credit card, the number of which the app saved under my profile.

my first Uber ride, it was so easy to make a booking!
I decided to have myself picked up from Dusit Hotel so that the driver could easily find it. When I opened the app, I saw that there's a "black car" available that's about 20 minutes away. I made a booking and was sent the driver's name, photo, car model, and plate number.

It's quite fascinating to see on the app the black car literally moving towards where I was and be kept updated on how many minutes were left until the driver arrives. It was easy to spot the car once it pulled up the hotel driveway. 

Uber receipts with computations of reasonable charges
Despite the heavy traffic, the ride was smooth and my driver was respectful. We chatted all the way to Intramuros and he made sure to let me get off at the nearest entrance to the event venue I was headed for. Right after I got off,  I received an email receipt of my ride. My credit card wasn't charged anything because the fare was taken cared of by the promo code. 

I've ridden Uber a lot of times more since then. It is such a convenient way to find transportation especially during rush hours. The base fares are P40 for UberX (introduced last September and where you ride compact cars) and P90 for UberBlack (where bigger cars fetch you). Getting a ride will depend on what's available in your area. The extra fee for a black car is worth it because I don't get stressed by aggressive drivers who demand extra payment or refuse to give change. 

other Uber receipts sent to my email
Uber is also a great option when you don't have enough cash and couldn't find an ATM to withdraw money from. You can still get home because you will just be charged through your credit card. 

Their metering is done by the Uber system and you'll only know the exact charge after your ride. But you can already get an estimate before you make a booking as long as you indicate your origin and destination. I find the computations fair and competitive to what I usually pay for regular taxi rides. 

I highly recommend you try Uber and see the big difference between getting this car service instead of hailing a taxi. Use the promo code "eeryh" to get P100 off your first ride. If you're going to Pasay from Makati, for example, fare would be around P120. So you'll almost get to ride for free! :)

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