Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The PLDT HOME FAM CAM: Every Modern Mom’s New Best Friend!

One of the top concerns of moms is our children’s wellbeing. For the past five years, our home has already been maid and yaya-free so taking care of my son with special needs means alternating babysitting duties with my husband and three other sons. Still, I tend to worry when I have to work outside our home and leave James for several hours.

Most of the time, I’d call whoever is with James to check if he is doing all right because he sometimes tends to be fussy and may cry for reasons we can’t figure out. It’s not always easy to guess what my son is trying to say because he is non-verbal and non-mobile so we really have to observe him closely to see if he’s in pain, simply hungry, sleepy, or plain bored and would want to watch one of his favorite DVDs.

I’ve often wondered how it would be like to have a CCTV camera that we could install at home and access anywhere so I can check on my son and set my mind at ease instead of being paranoid most of the time. And I think I found my new best friend in PLDT HOME FAM CAM!

Honestly though, I felt a bit intimidated when I opened the box, wondering if I can set up the camera on my own or if I’d need to wait for hubby or one of my techie sons to get home so they can help me. Surprisingly, the step-by-step instructions in the installer CD were really easy to follow!

In a matter of minutes, I was able to connect the FAM CAM to our WiFi router, register it online, download the app on my Windows Phone and iPad mini, detach the camera from the router and transfer it to our bedroom.

Note that the FAM CAM can be used anywhere and does not require wires to be connected to the PC or router. Thanks to our PLDT HOME DSL connection, I was immediately able to wirelessly monitor James from our living room!

My other son, Daniel, was so impressed he also downloaded the app on his Android phone and gleefully posed in front of the FAM CAM while watching himself on his phone doing funny faces beside James. I appreciate the device’s advanced camera and mic because I could clearly see and hear them both.

Imagine cooking in the kitchen or doing some gardening and being able to see what your kids are doing in their bedrooms via the PLDT Telpad; or going grocery shopping and easily monitoring your children using your mobile phone! Now that’s a very convenient way to keep updated on our kids’ wellbeing.

I am positive that a lot of my fellow moms would find this technology really useful, especially those with full time jobs and have to spend a lot of hours in the office, being stuck in traffic, or traveling somewhere for several days. If you have a household helper or yaya, it would be nice to see from a distance that she is doing her job well even if you’re away from home, right?

The FAM CAM, powered by the family-sized connection provided by PLDT HOME DSL, allows moms to stay up-to-date with everything at home wherever we are. It is a great alternative to those expensive CCTV cameras with a lot of hardware requirements and are difficult to set-up.

Kuya Rey monitoring James on his phone from their bedroom
At a very affordable price of P99/month on top of your PLDT HOME DSL plan, it easily fits right into my family’s budget. I think every peso is worth it considering the peace of mind that I get from being able to watch over my family at home. The FAM CAM, which is best controlled using the Telpad, is the ideal way to stay connected with your family. After a simple configuration, you just have to plug it to a power outlet and it will automatically connect to your home’s wireless network.

For more information on how to be at #HOMEwithFAMCAM, please log on to http://pldthome.com/famcam. You may also want to check out this offer: For as low as P1,699, get a landline plus a PLDT HOME DSL Speed Boost and a free Quad-Core tablet. Check out pldthome.com/telpad and pldthome.com/dsl for more details.

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