Sunday, January 11, 2015

On-Demand Medication to Control PE is now Available in the Philippines (For Adult Readers Only!)

Relationships are affected by many things and, with couples, intimacy is considered an important component. Thus, having any kind of sexual dysfunction could negatively affect both partners. Unfortunately, topics about sexual relations are usually considered taboo in the Philippines, even in these modern times. 

RJ Ledesma
The Menarini Group believes that when it comes to sexual intimacy, couples need to be more open with their partners about what satisfies them. Given that they are supposed to share a special bond, there should be no reason not to be comfortable discussing about what one likes, or doesn't like, about sex because it is an activity that is meant to be enjoyed and provide fulfillment for both parties.

As such Menarini Philippines, in partnership with the Philippine Urological Association, boldly launched its Commit to Control PE Advocacy Campaign last year to address one of the most pressing issues in sexual intimacy -- premature ejaculation (PE)

I attended an event aptly titled Happy Wife, Happy Life at Seda Hotel BGC yesterday and acquired a lot of insights about health and relationships. Celebrity host and columnist RJ Ledesma opened the event with a survey involving a series of questions about physical intimacy. It was very thoughtful of Menarini to provide individual clickers to the guests so that each can key in answers anonymously. The instant results to each question showed percentages of peoples' answers, and some were very interesting.

According to urologist and surgeon Dr. Dennis Serrano, PE is a recognized medical condition and is the most common male sexual dysfunction affecting one in three men. "When left undiscussed and untreated, PE can gravely affect one's relationship," he warned adding that this should not be something to be embarrassed about and that ignorance about the condition wouldn't do anybody any good.

Dr. Dennis Serrano
But first, how do you confirm if you are (for the men), or your partner is (for the women), suffering from PE? Take this simple diagnostic test. Take note that PE should not be confused with ED (erectile dysfunction). Learn the differences here.

PE can be caused by psychological and biological factors and affects men in various age groups, backgrounds, and cultures. In the past, treatment options for PE only included behavioral modifications and an unapproved topical treatment that were both ineffective. "[Men affected by this condition] need to come out because there's a solution," encouraged Dr. Serrano who revealed that there is now an FDA-approved drug that improves all measures of PE. 

He strongly recommends those who suspect they have PE to consult a doctor first instead of trying to self-medicate as with all drugs, the PE medication has appropriate dosages and side-effects that patients should be aware of and discuss with a medical practitioner. If you're still uncertain about going to a clinic, talk to a doctor online and get a free consultation! Log on to where doctors are available from 7-8PM every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Take heart that PE is now treatable! 

Then again, having a happy and healthy relationship with a partner should not only be focused on sexual intimacy. In her very insightful talk, sex and relationship guru, Dr. Margie Holmes, shared the various aspects of a relationship between couples and pointed out that love (and lust) that last is achieved when two people continue to communicate and maintain trust from the time they were just young lovers to raising a family up to the empty nest stage. 

(from left) RJ, Dr. Margie, and representatives of Menarini Philippines
Her final advice to the event's guests? "Sex is a three-letter word. But in truth, what you really need, to convey its true meaning, are four letter words like love, give, lust, and LAST(ing love)." 

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