Boardwalk Presents Fresh Collections and New Brand Ambassadors

It has been more than 20 years since Boardwalk became an active player in the fields of fashion and business. With the aim to create uplift Filipino lives and lifestyles, the company keeps business fashionable by looking at every opportunity as a fresh start.

This 2015, Boardwalk elevates fashion to a more meaningful spectrum with its new battle cry: Fashion for Social Change. The brand inspires Filipinos to sharpen their entrepreneurial skills through lessons on how to make a living out of their fashion signature styles.

As Boardwalk celebrates the colorful phases of youth with new fashion and lifestyle collections, it also welcomes familiar young faces to the Boardwalk family. Young people, after all, have the enviable energy that encourages others to live life to the fullest and with much positivity.

Artiste Collection
Last Tuesday, Boardwalk held its #BWFreshStart event, hosted by Nicole Anderson, at Luxent Hotel in Quezon City. Guests were treated to a fashion show featuring the following fresh collections:

We Love It Collection
We Love It Collection answers the demand for couple shirts that will make partners feel like everyday is Valentine's Day. With these shirts, lovebirds could enjoy wearing matching tees with cute prints and saccharine messages.

Thea, Jeric, Kim, and Juancho
Boardwalk chose the love teams of Jeric Gonzales and Thea Tolentino (from Protege Season 2) and their fellow teen stars Kim Rodriguez and Juancho Trivino to headline this celebration of young love that delights in literally wearing their hearts on their sleeves. 

Missy Collection
Missy Collection is a line of casual clothing featuring a lot of graphic prints and playful pieces for young women reflected on designs that show love for pop culture, music, and fashion. Former beauty queen and actress Rich Asuncion represents the collection to show ladies that one could easily experiment from casual to party looks with the help of their zest and love for fashion.

Rich and Janine
Cosmopolitan Collection features trendy dresses and blouses with fun colors and sexy details. These are for young ladies who know how to balance work and play. As the face of this Boardwalk collection, Janine Gutierrez embodies the youthful, confident woman living the urban life who loves making the cityscape her own fashion runway.

Cosmopolitan Collection
Artiste Collection is made up of smart casual clothing for men in dapper styles. They have sleek silhouettes bursting with prints and colors. Like Alden Richards, whose breakthrough performances on TV and film made him no longer just the boy next door, this collection is dedicated to city lads with refined taste who like to look polished yet still upbeat.

Mike and Alden with Nicole
Men's and Women's Basic and Intimate Apparel Collections offers a mix of basic and trendy underwear pieces for gents and ladies that are comfortable and can be added as staples to one's wardrobe. These collections are represented by model-actor Mike Tan (Starstruck Season 2's Ultimate Male Survivor) and Sam Pinto who has repeatedly proven that being sexy can also be classy. 

Women's Intimate Apparel Collection
The intimate apparel collection allows wearers to get fun, flirty, and romantic with their underwear choices and being bold with their fashion style inside and out.

Gerick Ortiz, Boardwalk's Product Marketing Specialist, explained that no matter your age, lifestyle, and personality, there are definitely Boardwalk pieces you can welcome the New Year in. Find out more about Boardwalk and browse their online catalogue by visiting

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