Saturday, December 20, 2014

Excited to Have a Baby? Make Sure to Wait Two Weeks to Find Out!

Women, by nature, have nurturing instincts and those who dream of becoming mothers for the first time  could become too excited and anxious when they start missing their period. Many will definitely take a pregnancy test to find out.

These days, there are now various ways to confirm if a woman is having a baby -- via an ultrasound, a blood test, or an hCG pregnancy test. Because it's the fastest way, most women will choose the hCG test to settle her doubts. But, did you know that if you take the test way too early, it could end up negative? 

According to, there should be a “two-week wait” from the time you missed your period to the time you should be taking your pregnancy test. This is to allow your body to produce more human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) or pregnancy hormones for the test to read. Otherwise, you may have a negative test result.

So curb that excitement for a couple of weeks first to make sure. And once you see a positive pregnancy test result, immediately set an appointment with your doctor as he or she should be able to definitely confirm your pregnancy.

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