Monday, December 22, 2014

Babymama: Helping Moms Give Babies the Best "Gift of Life"

Moms these days are very fortunate because there are so many resources available to them from informative parenting books and magazines to products that help make raising babies and kids much easier.

One of the things I deeply regret not having access to back in the late '90s was the availability and affordability of a good breast pump.  My milk dried up while my third son had to be incubated in the ICU for 10 days and fed via tube for another 30 days. The pump I had back then was no good. I knew that if I only had a good breast pump, I would have been able to maintain my milk supply until my son was discharged from the hospital.

For a lot of moms, a mother's milk symbolizes her lifelong commitment and unconditional love to her child. Nourishing baby with our own milk, we not only get to feed our little angel, we nurture a special bond while giving them the best health benefits that only breast milk can provide. Thanks to modern technology, adaptive products now help moms in providing safe breast milk for their babies even in the mother's absence while she goes back to work or performs other chores. 

In the Philippines, web-based company Babymama ( supports this noble maternal ideal. As the leading online provider of high-quality imported breast pumps and breastfeeding products, Babymama latches on the beauty and sacredness of breastfeeding by being constantly updated with the latest technologies that help countless women adapt with the demands of evolving motherhood.

This business venture that began in 2010 is owned and managed by momtrepreneur Mi'Ann Oblea who is a breastfeeding mother and career woman herself. She said her first-hand experience inspired her to open up a shop “that’s committed to deliver only the highest quality, most affordable products  and best customer service to fellow moms, right at the comforts of their homes.”

Babymama is designed with user-friendly web and mobile search features and carries various breast pump brands, styles and models that suit every modern Filipina mother’s needs and budget. It is a highly trusted online source of award-winning breast pump brands namely Spectra, Ameda, and Unimom. Also available are breastfeeding mom must-haves including nipple cream, breast milk storage bags, breast pump and nursing bras, breast pads, nursing covers, bottle cleansers, to lactation aids and informational and nursing bedtime story books.     

This December, Babymama is offering a 10% price discount for online shoppers who will pre-order its latest product, the S1 Rechargeable Double Electric Hospital Grade Breastpump, which is US FDA and European CE-registered, and approved as a hospital grade breast pump

The S1’s stand-out features include its adjustable speed and suction settings (12-level pressure control for soft and painless pumping; and 5 level cycle control), a letdown mode and fully adjustable program which are extremely helpful especially for first-time mothers and working moms.  It lets you draw milk from both breasts efficiently, allowing faster, more efficient pumping – thus ensuring baby’s steady milk supply even when you’re not physically present.

The rechargeable unit that's ideal to bring on trips, is also BPA-free and boasts of a closed system that eliminates the growth of molds, thus making it very safe and hygienic for you and baby.  In fact, S1 which was launched earlier in the USA, has been getting the higher user ratings even over other better known brands.

I think what makes Babymama stand out more is Mi'Ann's 'Happiness Guarantee' that empowers her clients' choices by allowing them to test products before buying.  “Since breast pumping is a personal decision, they can drop by the shop anytime to personally check which breast pump would work for them best.” 

“A breastpump isn’t a trendy tool; it’s a priceless investment, which is why we only want to give mothers the best quality, value-for-money nursing aids.  We don’t compromise safety, nor do we want them to be stuck up with something that they don’t want or feel doesn’t meet their needs,” added Mi'Ann.

Enjoy convenient, hassle-free, round-the-clock online shopping for top-notch breastpumps and other breastfeeding essentials by visiting Babymama’s online shop ( or dropping by its office located at Unit 1006 Burgundy Place, B. Gonzales St., Loyola Heights, Quezon City (Mondays to Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.). For updates and pre-orders, like its Facebook page ( .

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