The Limited Edition Huawei Mate7 -- Unlocking New Possibilities

Huawei has just launched its latest addition to its cutting edge Ascend D series -- the Mate7 -- last Friday at the very new Valkyrie Club, The Palace in BGC

The new smartphone features a single-touch fingerprint sensor, 6-inch screen, full HD display, slimmer 7.9mm body, octa-core processor, dual LTE sims, and a longer-lasting 4100mAh battery. Huawei executives say the Mate7 is the fulfillment of their commitment to better connectivity so that users have the power to balance work and play.

Gavin Dai, CEO of Huawei Technologies Philippines, described that the Huawei Mate7 is all about unlocking possibilities for smartphone users. "The handset performs excellently due to our design and engineering teams' accurate understanding of human behavior -- what we find beautiful and what we need from smartphones as our default daily companions," he said. "Through the Mate7, we assure our customers of longer and better connectivity whether it's for work or play."

With a dual antenna and 4G LTE navigation, Huawei assures users of crisp and clear calls that will keep them fully connected whenever and wherever. The Mate7's smart antenna is moreover compatible with a wide range of network spectrums worldwide allowing for seamless and intelligent signal switching, detecting the strongest signal and choosing the ideal source for emission or reception of data.

As Huawei partners with local networks, the blueprint for a well-connected future is being laid out. "Making 4G technology accessible to everyone is our commitment for a better connected Philippines," pointed out Dai.

The Mate7's octa-core architecture features an intelligent Kirin 925 processor made up of four large A15 1.8 GHz and four small A7 1.3 GHz chipsets for better power management. The phone can save up to 50% of its battery by automatically using the smaller cores to power standard apps while the larger processors kick in during high-performance use such as gaming.

Keeping two numbers? The Mate7 offers fast connection with its dual LTE sim slots -- micro and nano. With fastest LTE Cat6 connectivity with download speeds of up to 300 Mbps, users will be able to download HD movies in less than 30 seconds (although this will still depend on network operator's capacity to provide LTE connection).

All these are supported by an equally powerful 4100 mAh battery proven to last as long as two days on a single charge, giving as much as 50% more battery life. Mate7 provides also provides three power saving modes -- normal, smart, ultra-power saving.

When it comes to security, Huawei equipped the Mate7 with a 360-degree single-touch fingerprint scanner (which even works with damp fingers or under light rain) for unlocking the phone at least 80% faster than using a passcode or sweeping recognition option. This feature supports up to five sets of fingerprints that can be allocated to normal and guest modes, allowing the user enhanced protection on private folders, apps, and other sensitive information.

The encrypted fingerprint data is stored by ARM TrustZone within the chipset and secured by SecureOS to prevent access by third parties. Dai added, "In light of recurring news about data hacking, the Mate7's security feature seeks to bring peace of mind to the user who stores sensitive personal information on their smartphones."

Aside from the already many features described above, the Mate7 has an excellent design made up of more than 95% premium metal with an elegant finish and an interior structure made of strong aluminum alloy for superior heat reduction.

Despite its 6-inch size, the handset is only 7.9mm slim and weighs 185g. The ultra-narrow 2.9mm bezel delivers a screen-to-body ratio of 83 percent while its curved back is designed for comfortable, single-handed or double-handed use.

When it comes to graphics and photos, expect crisp and clear images from the 6-inch full HD in-cell LTPS display. The Mate7's JDI Nega-NEO technology brings an impressive 1500:1 high contrast ratio while consuming less power. 

For those who love taking photos and selfless, there's a 13MP rear-facing camera and a 5MP front-facing camera for better photos in low lighting, higher definition pictures, and less image distortion.

The Mate7 was initially launched at IFA 2014 in Berlin, Germany for 599 euros. This limited edition smartphone, available in rose gold variant with 3GB ROM and 32GB RAM, is priced at PhP 27,890.

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