Leica Camera Products Now Available in the Philippines

Leica Camera AG is an internationally operating, premium-segment manufacturer of cameras and sport optics products. Its legendary status is founded on a long tradition of excellence in the construction of lenses. New and innovative products have been the driving force behind the company's positive development in the past 100 years.

This 2014, Leica Camera Asia Pacific officially appointed Lucerne Group, the Philippines' premiere supplier of luxury timepieces, as the official distributor and retailer of Leica Camera products in the country. With over three decades of experience in developing a culture of appreciation for craftsmanship, Lucerne Group and Leica Camera were a natural and suitable fit.

The launch of the new Leica Store Philippines located at the Lower Ground Floor of Greenbelt 5 in Makati City the other day was graced by various personalities including Miss World Philippines Valerie Weigmann who, we found out, has German roots. In case you don't also know, Leica Camera AG has its headquarters in Wetzlar, in the state of Hesse, Germany. So it was very fitting that the beauty queen was present during the event.

According to Sunil Kaul, Managing Director of Leica Camera Asia Pacific, he is happy to appoint Lucerne as their partner in the Philippines. And since 2014 is a year of many milestones, the launch of Leica Store Philippines will be included as one of them. "We celebrate 100 years of Leica photography with iconic images captured by a Leica camera. We also celebrated the 60th anniversary of Leica M camera production," he described. "With the release of a completely new and exciting range of Leica cameras during this year's Photokina event, the Leica T Camera system, the Leica M edition 60, the new Leica S, the new Leica D-Lux, the new Leica X, the new Leica V-Lux cameras, just to name a few highlights of what we have to offer."

Kaul acknowledges being witness to the increase in demand in Manila for Leica cameras, sport optics, and accessories. "New customers are entering the brand through the Leica Store and Boutique in Asia. I view the Philippines as an important and emerging market with lots of potential," he affirms. "Lucerne will be instrumental in this journey to building closer relationships with Filipino customers with a dedicated customer care program and service. I look forward to a rewarding partnership with Lucerne as Leica Camera continues to grow in the market."

Ivan Yao, Managing Director of Lucerne Group, responded that he is very pleased and excited to represent the legendary camera brand in the Philippines. "Leica Camera is the best in the luxury technical camera and optics segment. I'm confident that our clients will be waiting in anticipation on what we have to offer. It is our desire to further strengthen the brand and to write the next chapter for Leica in Manila," he vowed. "Moreover, we will support the brand with continuous marketing activities involving and engaging our customers at all levels along with providing basic customer care and services. We are very confident that the partnership of both companies will ensure the success of Leica Camera."

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