Sunday, November 02, 2014

Help Build Your Child's Multiple Intelligences with Progress Pre-School Gold and Explore Sandbox

Renowned learning expert Dr. Thomas Armstrong says the theory of multiple intelligences acknowledges that children are born with the capacity for all different types of smarts. However, how each child develops will largely depend on the quality of stimulation he or she gets at home, in school, and from the environment in general.

This theory was originally developed by Harvard University professor, Dr. Howard Gardner, in 1983. He believed that the traditional idea of intelligence that is only based on I.Q. testing, is very limiting. Instead, he enumerated 8 different intelligences that account for a broader range of human potential in children and adults. These include being:

Word smart (linguistic intelligence), Number/Reasoning smart (logical-mathematical intelligence), Picture smart (spatial intelligence), Body smart (bodily-kinesthetic intelligence), Music smart (musical intelligence), People smart (interpersonal intelligence), Self smart (intrapersonal intelligence), and Nature smart (naturalistic intelligence).

Personally, I find it extremely unfair when I see people comparing kids who totally have different strengths. While some children may not excel academically, they should be praised for being good in other areas such as sports, arts, dance, or music. Thus, the challenge for parents in today's competitive and complex world is to help give their children the edge that they need by giving them opportunities to enhance their different smarts. 

Progress Pre-School Gold partnered with Explore Sandbox in encouraging moms and dads to help jump-start their child's multiple intelligences. I received an Explore Sandbox package the other day just in time for Halloween and had my young nieces and nephew have a go at the surprisingly varied contents after they went trick or treating last Friday. 

It was delightful to observe how each kid chose which pieces to play with and discover the functions of. They had a lot of fun designing silly-looking "monsters" and proudly showed us the finished products via a puppet show! The hands-on activity once more proved that play does not only provide entertainment and fun, it also promotes learning.

Help build your child's multiple intelligences! Check out Explore Sandbox's Facebook page to see the many "creative play in a box" variants they have. Plus, give your child Progress Pre-School Gold's best-ever formulation with higher DHA, Lutein, and Choline. Know more about Multiple Intelligence and Progress Pre-School GOLD by liking

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