Monday, November 17, 2014

Give Your Baby "Saktong Fit" and Up to 10-Hour Dryness + Get to Win 1 Year's Supply of Huggies Dry Pants

One of the topmost concerns of parents with babies is keeping dry these little ones' bottoms to avoid rashes and irritation. As a baby becomes more active, however, the diaper-changing experience becomes more challenging for moms and dads. 

Huggies Dry Pants is designed for active and playful babies who'd rather crawl, stand, or walk during diaper changes. It makes for a faster, more convenient, and hassle-free way to change diapers; making it easier and more comfortable for both you and your baby!

With Huggies Dry Pants, babies don't have to be laid down for parents to change their diapers. Simply put the left foot in, right foot in, then pull up! These three simple steps can make those dreaded diaper changing moments a fun and playful experience -- Step, Step, Up!

Aside from ensuring a snug fit, Huggies Dry Pants can absorb wetness for up to 10 hours, giving babies utmost comfort and longer, uninterrupted playtime.

Parents need not worry about the price because you just add less than P1.00 to the price of a taped diaper (SRP per piece of Huggies Dry Pants Large 36s is P8.52). Now that's real value for money because it's easy-palit for baby and easy-sa-bulsa for mommies! This definitely makes it easier to say goodbye to tedious diaper changing and say hello to the convenience offered by the new Huggies Dry Pants.

But wait, there's more! Huggies Dry Pants has prepared a lot of exciting surprises for moms. One, get your free sample by visiting the Huggies PH Facebook page, select supermarkets, and various baby fairs. Two, register via and talk about your Huggies Dry Pants experience to get a chance to win up to 1 year's supply of Huggies Dry Pants!

Stage moms are also encouraged to show the world how cute and kulit their baby can be while wearing their Huggies Dry Pants. Just join the Huggies Dry Pants Step Up Dance Showdown ( Submission of videos is extended until November 24. Winning entries will get 1 year's supply of Huggies Dry Pants and will be featured in the Huggies Step Step Up music video.

For more details, please visit and like Huggies PH on Facebook

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