Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Catering by Claudia's of the Romulo Food Group Showcases a Grand Buffet Featuring A Taste of the World's Cultures

Filipinos love good food and pass on recipes from generation to generation. The same is true with the Romulo Food Group, which is known for its signature dishes that were inherited through three generations of heirloom recipes and traditions.

Roast Beef
The Romulo cuisine is actually inspired by rich historical significance, primarily the career of General Carlos P. Romulo, the first Asian President of the United Nations General Assembly and a proud Filipino diplomat. It has been said that affairs hosted by him were filled with delectable food selections that delighted even international guests. 

Duck Lumpia
This same tradition of serving distinctive recipes gave rise to the Romulo Food Group composed of: the Romulo Lounge, Claudia's Kitchen, Cerchio, Tito Chef, and Catering by Claudia.

Duck Pate
Last Friday, Catering by Claudia, the group's official catering arm, showcased a ten-station grand buffet at the Romulo Lounge at Ayala Tower One in Makati City. The event coincided with the celebration of the 69th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations.

Sweet and Spicy Dilis with Pickled Daikon on Lettuce Gondola
Thus, in the spirit of harmony and diversity, the food served at the grand buffet represented the international palate with a touch of discriminating Filipino qualities. The finest food selections available through the Romulo restaurants were offered by Catering by Claudia, which presents a defining taste of the world's cultures. 

Calabaza Soup
One of their signature dishes to look out for include the Calabaza Soup made with pumpkin plus carrots to deepen the color. Added to it is cumin spice to create a musky, earthy flavor while the crostini compliments it with a different texture. 

Romulo Salad
I enjoyed sampling the various starter items that reflect the very heart of what Romulo is -- a diversity in cuisines but which focuses on local ingredients incorporated with the family recipes. One of these is the western-inspired Romulo Salad that includes our local kesong puti plus ripe mango for the dressing. 

a sampling of diverse flavors
Other canapĂ© preparations served on toast that tickle the palate are the Relleno de Pollo and Balut Pate. The bread offerings were said to be specially baked in their own ovens and will soon be available on the market. 

Poached Salmon
Some of the main dishes that became crowd favorites included Paella Valenciana, a rich savory fiesta of seafood, chorizos, vegetables, and rice cooked with saffron and sofrito; Poached Salmon with yoghurt and dill sauce; and Roasted Chicken with sundried tomatoes and pesto sauce.

my dimsum and sashimi plate
Unfortunately, I was too late in making it to the sushi and dimsum stations so I didn't get to try many of what I heard were really delicious items but I did get some sashimi and siomai that were equally flavorful. Then there were the pasta, sweets, and cupcake selections that completed the international culture to conclude a food journey that brought together Filipino, Spanish, French, and a merging of other international cuisines.

fruits and dessert!
For those craving for an encounter with signature dishes by the Romulo Food Group, contact Catering by Claudia at 888.6653 or 844.1664 for your food orders and functions. They say there's no event that's too large or too small for them to coordinate and that they can provide you with an interesting variety of dishes with a range of prices that will accommodate most budgets.

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