Thursday, September 25, 2014

Marc Coblen Launches the Pink Ribbon Watch in Support of the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

I would bet that we all know someone -- a loved one, a friend, even an admired celebrity -- who is battling, or who has battled, breast cancer. I do and spreading awareness about prevention is as much an advocacy with me as it is with them.

Marc Coblen Pink Ribbon Watch
October, the Breast Cancer Awareness month, is almost here and it would be good to know that those prone to, or are already suffering from, this dreaded disease are able to afford the appropriate medical procedures they need. 

Unfortunately, the Philippine Cancer Society says a staggering percentage of Filipinas have a difficult time paying for their treatment, while others are too nervous to continue with theirs. In addition, there are Filipinas who choose to ignore the importance of an annual breast check-up and refuse to seek treatment once diagnosed with breast cancer.

Dr. Roberto Paterno, president of the Philippine Cancer Society
and Christel Slagt, Marc Coblen Global Manager

The root causes of these, according to the PCS, is the lack of awareness as well as funds and access to treatment, but most importantly, the basic knowledge that breast cancer is curable! Allow me to share with you an article I wrote for Manila Bulletin last year entitled "Facts and Myths about Breast Cancer that Every Filipina Should Know." I hope it would also help encourage you to have a mammogram and breast ultrasound soon. 

This year, Dutch brand Marc Coblen by Jordy Cobelens, founder of the well-known timepiece TW Steel, created the special edition Pink Ribbon Watch from which a generous portion of the sales proceeds will be donated to the efforts and activities of the PCS in providing consultations and treatments to women with breast cancer all over the country. 

Marc Coblen donates PhP 1.35M to the PCS
The fashionable watch showcases a 48mm pink Mother of Pearl face with a small Swarovski encrusted pink ribbon. It is encased in a Rose Gold finish steel case with pink baguette Swarovski crystals on its interchangeable bezel and uses a pink silicon interchangeable strap with a rose gold clasp.

This special edition Marc Coblen Pink Ribbon Watch can only be bought exclusively using a Mastercard and retails at PhP 15,000. In light of this partnership, each purchase entitles the card holder to also get a white leather strap and a rose gold finish bezel inside a beautiful white leather watch box.

event host Angel Jacob
Present during the launch at Marriott Hotel Manila were breast cancer survivors Patty Betita, Ann Puno, and Liezl Martinez who are living proof that the best way to fight cancer is having the right attitude.

"Breast cancer, at its earliest stage, is curable," affirms Patty. "That's why it's important for women to have themselves checked [annually] because if you detect it early, there's a 98% chance of survival." She admits to being shocked when she found out having breast cancer because it was one of those things that she didn't think could happen to her. "Once you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you are faced with your own mortality. 

Breast cancer survivors Liezl, Ann, and Patty
Patty credits her family, friends, and her unwavering faith in God for finding the strength she needed to make the conscious decision to fight the disease, and to make an educated lifestyle change. "For every cancer survivor, everyday you wake up is a new day. Be hopeful, have faith, and you'll be okay," she encourages.

Liezl stressed the importance of finding ways to cope such as finding a support group that one can join. For her, though, it was difficult to be open about her condition in the beginning but she encourages women to listen to their inner voice and find strength through their family and friends. Despite having the chance to seek treatment abroad, she chose to stay in the Philippines as "part of my recovery is to have my family and friends near me."

The Philippines' Best Dressed ladies also came to support the campaign
For Ann, overcoming cancer is also in the mind. "The most important thing is to be positive [as] cancer cells feed on negative feelings." She discloses keeping herself strong through the power of prayers and by surrounding herself with the people she loved most as well as knowing that there were many praying for her recovery.

All three ladies emphasize the importance of early detection and of women starting changes in their lives. Even if one is at the pink of health today, they advise that it's always best to still keep an annual check-up on your list of priorities. 

with inspiring ladies Liezl Martinez and Ann Puno
"It's truly time to change the way we look at cancer, and we have to stop being fearful in getting check-ups because they mean so much to a cancer patient," urges Ann who adds that the best time to do so, is now.

Marc Coblen's local retail partner in the Philippines, Lucerne, is handling the sale of the Pink Ribbon Watch in the following establishments: Marc Coblen Pop-up store at Century City Mall, Lucerne Shangri-La, SwissGear (Greenbelt 1 and SM Cebu) and Wristpod (Megamall, Clark, Rockwell).

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