Sunday, September 14, 2014

Jewelry Brand Pandora Launches its Enchanting 2014 Autumn/Winter Collection

Those of us who live in tropical countries grow up imagining how magical it must be like to experience autumn or winter in another part of the world. I am not surprised that a lot of movies and TV shows depicting those seasons usually become instant hits with Filipinos. 

This year, Pandora takes its cue from peoples' fascination with all things magical and nature-inspired by creating classic items that mirror mystique and novelty polished off with signature sophistication. The jewelry brand, which has always been in step with the changing waves of fashion and culture, launched its 2014 Autumn/Winter Collection last week at SM Megamall's Mega Fashion Hall

The pieces were designed to captivate the senses in a modern tale of femininity and features beautifully textured and ultra-feminine rings, earrings, charms, and pendants that clients can collect over time to be combined and styled with other pieces to come up with a truly personal look. The collection melds tradition with innovation as pieces were crafted from sterling silver, 14k gold, colored enamel, and cubic zirconia.

Lee Anthony Gray, Pandora's designer, explained that they use micro-setting techniques for the pave cubic zirconia to capture the delicacy and detail in the series. "All the techniques we use are similar to high-end jewelry because we want to offer people the best experience with their jewelry."

Here are pieces you may want to see:

Shimmering Leaves - a precious heirloom in the making that's waiting to be passed down through generations. While on-trend, it is also a timeless set to be cherished for many years. This was built on last year's Fairy Feather series but is crafted through months of painstakingly made renderings and meticulously honed prototypes, using fine jewelry techniques to create micro-set sterling silver and yellow gold details.

Dark Flowers - are made with sculptural elements and textural combinations featuring mysterious and magical floral motifs. Lustrous white pearls are offset by enchanting black enamel flowers on sterling silver, while intricately detailed floral charms are decorated with 14k gold, sparkling enamel, and shimmering stones.

Night Blue Crystal - with cool blue jewels inspired by the serene sky at night, this series comprises a captivating cocktail ring, delicate stud earrings, and a necklace pendant set with a beautiful deep blue crystal each that's faceted to catch the light. The crystal is encircled with decorative dots of sterling silver, adding textural element to jewelry reminiscent of the enchanting night sky.

I was caught in heavy traffic and didn't get to catch what I heard was a beautiful performance by the Philippine Ballet Theatre. "A Mystical Tale with Pandora" interpreted the fantasy-inspired Autumn/Winter collection. It was directed by playwright Floy Quintos with set and costume design by Gino Gonzalez. The story narrates the lead character's (Pandora) journey in search of precious discoveries and valuable moments.

One of the Philippines' best theater actresses, Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo, narrated the story and was quoted saying, "You have gone through the forest and the night unafraid. Imagine if you could go through life, gathering the precious charms that are symbols of life's mysterious and wondrous unfolding." 

My takeaway from that? Always look at the bright side and at all the good things that happen to you because only then will you fully be able to embrace and enjoy life. Then again, some dewy drops made up of Pandora stones would definitely make the journey even more memorable. Well, maybe someday, I could finally afford to own a piece or two. 

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