Zing Rewards Promises AmaZing Experiences

One of the things that keep customers coming back to certain stores are loyalty rewards. I should know because I've redeemed rebates and gifts from establishments I've frequented over the years. I have to admit though that carrying various loyalty cards in my wallet can become very burdensome so I leave some at home to let my wallet breathe and then regret not having them when I suddenly happen to find myself inside a particular store.

According to Ed Limjoco, President and CEO of Jabez Infinity Group, Inc., merchants have already seen the need to keep their customers many years back thus the birth of loyalty programs. However, loyalty cards in the Philippines are still usually specific to individual stores.

Yup, my Zing has arrived! :)
During Unboxed, the Zing Rewards launch last August 1, Limjoco explained that many merchants have their own loyalty cards but consumers do not really get emotionally attached to a certain card and that many cards have limited use. Conversely, Zing Rewards, Jabez's universal loyalty card, can be used for multiple stores and aims to revolutionize how businesses rewards their customers.

Tim Torres, PR and Marketing Head, Zing Rewards
The rewards card has partnered with insurance company AIG to further give customers purchase and wallet protection. That means, a cardholder's purchase is insured for 30 days after the sale, for up to P20,000 in case his/her wallet gets lost.

Jabez Infinity Group, Inc.
"We believe that Zing is an amazing product that will delight a lot of consumers. In the past, there's not much excitement about having a loyalty card," shared Limjoco. "We would want to step up a bit more by creating experiences that will delight cardholders to encourage them to go back and use their card even more."

To earn points, cardholders only need to swipe their card at any merchant partner terminal when paying for items. Points can be used for exclusive deals, fun freebies at partner stores, or can be converted to cash that could be transferred to an existing bank account. One point equals one peso. Cardholders can also increase points by sharing Zing Rewards with friends.

Mr. Limjoco hands over Zing's gift to World Vision representatives 
What got my attention most on the info card given to me though is the advocacy component. It says, "Be part of the meaningful consumption movement through Zing. Your purchases from Zing merchant stores will help fund the World Vision foundation." Since I've been a WV sponsor for more than 10 years now, I give two thumbs up to that!

Present during the launch to entertain guests were singer Julieanne and magician Erik Mana who showed us some really cool and amaZing tricks! As of the launch date, Zing Rewards already has around 100 merchant partners with the goal to expand to 500 merchant partners by the end of 2014.

Erik Mana (left) and a volunteer apprentice 
For more information, like Zing Rewards on Facebook, follow @zingrewardsph on Twitter, and @zingrewards on Instagram. Register now for an account at zingrewards.com and kindly put "writermom" on the referral space. Thanks! 

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