Prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in Children with Kidz Gear Headphones

Many years ago, portable music players used to only hold one cassette tape or compact disc at a time. Now, iPods and other MP3 players can store hundreds to thousands of songs, encouraging users to listen for longer periods.

post at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation reported that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), exposure to more than 85 decibels (the usual volume teens listen to their music these days) of sound for 8 hours can damage hearing. 

To better have an idea how loud 85 decibels are, think of the sound a hair dryer or kitchen blender makes. Can you endure listening to that for several minutes, let alone more than 8 hours? Learn about how many decibels certain things produce from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association website.    

In an American Academy of Pediatrics article, I also read that, "Chronic exposure to loud noise may not cause hearing loss in the short term, but it can gradually result in irreversible hearing loss later in life." Serious hearing loss, unfortunately, can also affect the ability to speak clearly.  

The problem is, more and more very young kids these days are freely allowed to have their own portable music players. Once those headphones or earbuds are on/in a child's ears, parents most likely won't have an idea anymore how loud their children are cranking up the volume.

This is where Kidz Gear Headphones could help. I personally tested this product on my iPod Touch with and without the KidzControl volume limiter and was honestly impressed with the results. Without KidzControl, turning the volume full blast on one song really made me flinch! But when I attached the volume limiter, even with the full volume on, the sound stayed gentle on my ears. 

This is good news to me because I can now let my special child listen to songs longer using Kidz Gear Headphones without worrying about accidentally damaging his hearing. The soft foam surrounding the ears moreover make it very comfortable to wear.

The Kidz Gear brand is founded by Laurie Peterson, a mom who wanted to deliver line of products and accessories with adult product features, performance, and quality levels sold at prices in-line with products for children. The result is grown-up performance that's built for kids.

Kidz Gear comes in various colors that kids and kids-at-heart would enjoy having. After all, it says in the box: "Designed for All Ages 2 and Older". These are great headphones that can deliver high quality sounds so children will definitely get to appreciate music better … and more safely.

Check out the other cool colors at Kidz Gear is distributed in the Philippines by Digits Trading Corporation.

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