Dream Vacation: Staying in a Cabin Beside a Lake

My family loves having vacations that involve the water. Aside from staying in hotels and resorts with swimming pools, our recent trip to Boracay last summer was made very memorable because of ocean boat rides, snorkeling, and strolling by the beach. 

As a little girl growing up in Laguna, I remember spending time with my cousins on a small hut built above Sampaloc Lake in San Pablo City. It was owned by a distant uncle who allowed our parents to bring us there once in a while. I can still recall how we would stand on the waist-high water and watch dozens of tilapia swimming around our legs. 

When we get tired playing in the water, we'd climb back up the hut where my dad and uncles would have already prepared grilled fish for lunch. Time spent at that hut was always too short for me because we were not allowed to sleep over. Sadly, over the decades, I never knew what has become of that property.

Now that I have my own family, one of my dream vacations would be finding a place beside a lake where we could spend a weekend or several days and enjoy the water as much as we want to. I am sure it would be another amazing time of building memories while we take a rest from work and school and find time to bond with each other.

I believe that we all must work hard for a living but should also find time to relax from our busy lifestyles. Thus, given a chance with the right budget and the perfect place, I'd definitely bring the whole family to another vacation we won't easily forget. 

Cabins come in many sizes. Some have a couple of bedrooms that make them perfect for small families, while others have more rooms to fit more people who, for example, are having a family reunion. If I were to choose, I'd prefer a lakeside property that has a dock and a small boat to satisfy my boys' adventurous spirits. I'm sure we'd all be excited to try our hand in fishing for our dinner!

In addition, I'd like a porch with outdoor furniture where we can admire the surroundings, read a book, or even nap while savoring the fresh air. It would also be nice if the cabin has a kitchen where we can prepare meals. Still, we should also be near enough to local restaurants that serve good food. After all, part of traveling is trying cuisine that you don't normally eat at home. 

Someday, I'd really like this dream to come true. In the U.S., one can easily rent lake cabins here. Although I'm not sure yet where we could find the ideal place I'm looking for in the Philippines. But when I finally do, we'll take advantage of the opportunity to relax, enjoy, try new things, and build more memories.

* photos borrowed from www.brokenbowlakecabins.com

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