Friday, June 13, 2014

Benjie Paras, The "Tower of Power" is the New Face of Handyman

I distinctly remember Benjie Paras as a UAAP player during my college days because my dorm roommate had a huge crush on him. Despite being a UP student who should also be rooting for the Maroons, I, on the other hand, was cheering for La Salle's Green Archers back then because my crush (I am not revealing who!) was playing for that team! :D

Benjie went on to become very successful in his chosen sport along with being in show business. Now, the new Handyman endorser is enjoying his most fulfilling role yet, that of being a doting father to kids Kobe, Andre, Sam, and Riley, and a wonderful husband to Lyxen. More than being a court superstar, he is the star center of his family. 

He started playing at 11 and became at member of the UP Fighting Maroons in college, where he led the team to their first championship in 1986. Next, he became the star center for PBA's Shell Turbo Chargers and was one of the vital factors behind the team's victories. Among his awards was being one of PBA's 25 Greatest Players of All-Time and was given the moniker of "Tower of Power."

Benjie was realistic enough to admit that "one cannot play basketball forever" though and retired after 14 years with the PBA to concentrate on being an actor/comedian, which he was also good at.

He confessed that his shift from basketball to acting was quite unexpected because he didn't even know if he could act, much less make people laugh. But he took on the challenge believing, "The passion to improve your performance is the same with both basketball and showbiz. Whether you play on court or are onscreen, there is the challenge that you should test yourself, every time."

While he is a legend on and off the basketball court, Benjie is first and foremost a dad who is strict with his kids but treats them with respect and kindness. "I let them decide what they want to do or to be," he explained. But one non-negotiable rule in the Paras household has always been "sports and outdoor activities over computer games and gadgets."

His efforts paid off because Andre (18) and Kobe (16) are now rising basketball stars in their own right. Andre was a highly recruited high school prospect out of La Salle Greenhills before he joined the UP Fighting Maroons, which Handyman has been supporting for the last three years. Kobe, on the other hand, is a La Salle Greenhills player and was part of the Philippine team on the FIBA Asia Under-18 Championships.

The proud father is also a do-it-yourself dad who loves to stay home and tinker on stuff that he can fix and improve. "I wish I could do a lot but I have such a busy schedule. It always gives me joy to do simple things for the family like installing the shower or the light, fixing the heater, and setting up a bidet," he said. "I have gadgets and tools that come in handy when I need to repair things around the house. And I got them from Handyman."

Given more time and opportunity, Benjie's dream project is to build things, like household furniture, from scratch. This is why Handyman's home improvement and tools sections are his favorite places to get lost in. "The store's extensive product lines are of superior quality and are reasonably priced. One can find great Father's Day gifts for do-it-yourself dads like me," he hinted with a smile.

Handyman has indeed made shopping more convenient by evolving into a one-stop-shop for customers who want to improve their spaces with ease and convenience. Benjie described that Handyman has well-organized and customer-friendly aisles that make shopping easier. "Their efficient and knowledgeable staff are always ready to help out in any home project anytime. Furthermore, Handyman stores are conveniently located and accessible for both professional builders and for [enthusiasts like me who like doing] recreational home improvement projects." 

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