Lifelifters Transport, Inc.: Making Short Travels Easier for PWDs

Anybody who has a wheelchair-dependent family member knows how hard it is to travel with bulky mobility equipment. In our case, we have a son with cerebral palsy who needs to be in a wheelchair or big stroller whenever we need to go anywhere as he can't stand nor sit up by himself.

Even when traveling by car, we need to transfer James to a car seat and fold his Maclaren stroller before the trip then take out the stroller and unfold it again when we arrive at our destination. That takes up a lot of time and discomfort for my son. Moreover, whenever we ride taxis, we couldn't bring along his car seat so he ends up sitting uncomfortably while traveling. 

Sometime last year, I heard about a transport rental service for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and their families. I was told that Lifelifters Transport, Inc. has a van equipped with a hydraulic lift, which provides those using wheelchairs with a comfortable way of entering and exiting a vehicle.

A week ago, the family trip we've been planning for a long time finally pushed through. It has been 13 years since we've been able to go away for a few days and simply enjoy each other's company. The last one was when James was still small and easier to carry. 

Since we're going to the airport and it would be very inconvenient to bring a car or even take a taxi, I contacted Lifelifters so we could try their service. Our flight was scheduled at 11AM so I asked if we could be picked up at 8AM. It was a good thing they didn't have another scheduled pickup yet. 

The driver, Kuya Juanito, arrived early. He was very efficient in operating the lift and securing James' stroller with safety restraints using strong hooks and straps once inside the van. The vehicle is very spacious and comfortable. It was able to accommodate all of us plus our numerous travel bags. 

Hubby sat beside the driver while the other boys and I took our seats in the back. For the first time, James rode a vehicle without a car seat and sat in comfort. I was so thankful for that!

I took the video below when we arrived at the airport just before we got James got off the van. The whole experience was a very pleasant one. I highly recommend Lifelifters to families with PWDs, especially those who have really big wheelchairs and heavy or elderly patients. 

Lifelifters is a very ideal service to use whether you're going for a hospital check up, off to a stroll in the mall, a family outing, or, in our case, a short trip to the airport.  

Ask them about their service by calling 438-3520 or 438-3091. You can also email and visit Like their Facebook page as well for more updates.

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