Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Junior Bake-Off Separates the Good, the Batter, and the Best of Britain's Young Bakers

Kids should learn to cook as early as possible. At least, that's what I believe. I've taught my sons to cook simple dishes even before they turned 10 years old. Now that they're in their teens and 20's and I don't worry about leaving them at home to fend for themselves. They know how to whip up something any time they get hungry.

pastry chef and baker in training
Apparently, a lot of parents have also found that it is good to encourage youngsters to find their passions in the kitchen. My young niece, Belle, started helping her mom, my sister, bake a lot of scrumptious goodies from their kitchen since she was little. When I got an invite to the launch of Discovery Kids  Channel's latest TV show called Junior Bake Off, I asked the organizers if Belle and my sister could come along as they are the real bakers in our family. 

Belle and her pretty creations
Junior Bake Off is an exciting series hosted by Aaron Craze (also host of Pet School) featuring 32 of Britain's best bakers aged 9 to 12 who will put their cake making, biscuit baking, pastry, and bread making skills to the ultimate test. 

Contestants must impress the show's judges: legendary cookery writer and baker Mary Berry, and acclaimed master baker Paul Hollywood. Watch as the young bakers get pushed to their baking limits starting Tuesday, June 3, at 5PM. The show encores every Saturday at 1:30PM and 6:30PM.

There will be 13 half hour episodes that will showcase the kids' journeys on the greatest baking battle of their lives. Each episode challenges the kids to a technical test and an invention bake where they can let their imaginations run wild. For themes such as outer space or wild animals, sports or chocolate, each of the bakers are expected to deliver a show-stopping, mouthwatering creation that tastes as good as it looks. Only four bakers will reach the grand finals where they will bake for some special celebrity guests.

Aaron Craze, who is also a chef and father to two daughters, knows how to keep kids calm and in check at all times in the kitchen. In the show, he plays cheerleader and advisor especially during baking catastrophes. He comes to the rescue by showing struggling bakers a trick or two that might save the day. 

nurturing passions should start at an early age
Aside from giving the contenders a chance to become a champion, I'm sure Junior Bake Off will inspire young viewers who love baking to also pursue what they enjoy doing. Watching the show will help and teach them to discover how chocolate is made, how to make an exploding volcano cupcake or a werewolf in cake form, and even meet the baker who spent more than one month to make the huge royal wedding cake for Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding.

Manila's Junior Bakers
Stay tuned to Discovery Kids every Tuesdays and Saturdays to find out who will emerge as Britain's best young baker this 2014!

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