Thursday, May 01, 2014

Go Natural for One Day or More with Sexy Detox Juices

These past couple of years, I've become more health-conscious partly due to my husband's obsession with running (and may I add, barefoot! most of the time) and his constant worrying that I don't get enough exercise. He doesn't accept my reasoning that moving around the house all day and walking for more than an hour inside malls should be considered exertions.

my first time to join a running race in 2011
no second time, yet, read here why :)
Despite my -- in hubby's words -- "lack of exercise regimen", I still get to maintain a slim frame because I don't eat too much at every meal, I sleep for as many hours as possible, and I try to eliminate negative vibes from my environment by staying away from stressful people. 

Of course, I am very much aware that I need to do more activities that spell healthy living. So I've also started buying more fruits, preparing fresh salads at home more often, and regularly cooking vegetable dishes for the whole family. Thankfully, all my kids haven't a lot of issues with greens so they normally eat what's on the table. 

When I was asked by a blogger friend if I'd be interested to try a one-day detox cleansing, I had no second thoughts. I thought it would be great to find out if I can consciously withstand a liquid diet for 24 hours or more and how good it could be for my body. 

And so five 350 ml bottles of Sexy Detox Juices were delivered on our doorstep last Saturday and which I immediately stored inside the refrigerator. I was told to consume everything within three days because they are made with all-natural ingredients -- fresh fruits and vegetables that are naturally rich in nutrients, vitamins, phytochemicals, and enzymes. FYI, the word "detox" means "to eliminate poisonous or toxic substances from the body; or to neutralize the toxic effects, in order to allow healing to take place." 

What I like about this program is that the liquid diet still provides a healthy amount of calories and nutrients specifically suited for weight loss and cleansing, all the while letting the digestive system rest and allowing the body to heal naturally. 

According to the Sexy Detox brochure, one should follow three phases of the diet program. Since I was only doing a one-day cleanse instead of the three and five day detoxification programs, I just prepped my tummy the night before by eating a serving of salad made with lettuce leaves and grapes drizzled with my favorite vinaigrette dressing. I'd have to say that was hard because the rest of my family had Beef Bulalo for dinner! I had to move away from the dining table to avoid smelling the aromatic soup!

On Sunday, following a printed guide, I drank all five bottles, with several hours and glasses of water in between, for breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. By the third bottle, I was already craving for something to munch on but I resolved not to give in to the temptation. I knew I had to stick to the liquid diet so that the nutrients are delivered more quickly to my bloodstream.

I drank cold Cocoa Surprise (451 Kcal) for breakfast. It was just like drinking chocolate milk although this one has bits of cocoa floating about. Described as helpful for promoting cardiovascular health, mood enhancer, stress relief, skin care, and liver detox, this drink has cocoa, almond, honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

For my morning snack, I had the Sexy Lemon (238 Kcal) which I loved! Made with lemon, cucumber, honey, and cayenne pepper (I like the slightly spicy taste), it is helpful for anemia, constipation, coughs and colds, gout, and weight loss. 

Lunch was Almond Delight (416 Kcal) which, honestly, didn't delight me very much. I mean, it tasted okay but I won't say I'm a big fan. Maybe the combination of almond, bananas, cinnamon, and honey are not really compatible with my taste buds. But this one is good for heart disorder, brain development, and for regulating blood pressure.

My afternoon snack was a bottle of Fast Red (295 Kcal) that has beet root, apple, carrot, lemon, ginger, and cucumber. This is a welcome refreshing drink during hot days! It is helpful for combating fatigue, bladder problems, circulatory weakness, kidney, skin problems, asthma, and ulcer. 

For dinner, I drank Grape Jolt (310 Kcal) made with grapes, ginger, apple, beet root, and cucumber. It is helpful for rheumatism, ingestion, muscles and nerve stimulation, high/low blood, and anxiety. 

my favorite juice: Sexy Lemon
Each bottle has labels with ingredients and nutrition facts. Depending on what's inside, nutrients such as protein, carbohydrate, dietary fiber, calcium, vitamins, etc. vary. I'm sure those reading this has one top question in mind. Yes, the bathroom visits to do number two were frequent after the first two bottles. Surprisingly, for the rest of the day, I only had to pee several times. I guess by afternoon, all the toxins have already been eliminated from my body.

Again, surprisingly, I didn't feel faint or weak the whole day. I still got to do stuff I normally do such as doing house chores and finishing my writing deadlines. I slept that night feeling very light and, oddly, very slim! I woke up the next morning refreshed and more wary to take in any food that might sully my newly-cleansed digestive system.

Overall, I enjoyed the Sexy Detox experience and would probably give it a go again in the future, especially on days when I feel bloated and too stuffed with unhealthy food. If this post made you want to try detoxing yourself, you can reach Sexy Detox at 0917-8992865 or You can also find them on Facebook (Sexy Detox) and Instagram (@s_e_x_y_detox).

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