Saturday, April 26, 2014

Summer: The Best Time to Go on Family Picnics!

A lot bonding activities can help strengthen ties between parents and children. One of our most favorite things to do, and which we miss doing more often these days, is going on family picnics. When the kids were still small and we were still living in Los Banos, Laguna, we'd often head to Baker Field inside UPLB during the afternoons and bring snacks to munch on. 

1996 -- picnic in UPLB Baker Field
My husband and I have happy memories of our kids toddling on the grass, of students playing various sports, of young people learning to ride a bike, and of other families who were also simply enjoying the cool breeze and the company of each other.

These days, we seldom get to go on picnics because there are no ideal picnic grounds near our place in Muntinlupa. But when we do go home to my province in Rizal, Laguna, we enjoy preparing food to bring to my mom's small "farm"at the foot of Mt. Cristobal

2008 -- extended family picnic in Laguna
This summer, I'm hoping to revive at least a bit of our picnic traditions by planning a visit to our old stomping grounds in UPLB. It would be great to see my friends and have a picnic together. Our last time was the despedida for one of our close friends who migrated to Australia.

If you are near or have access to any place where you can spread a mat and enjoy food together while enjoying nature, that's the best place to have a picnic! Here are some tips that could help make picnics more fun for everyone:

2009 -- a picnic with friends and our kids
1. Bring the essentials. Bring one or more big mats for everyone to sit on and to place the food items on. If you have senior members of the family going you, consider bringing some foldable chairs for their seating comfort. Pack utensils (spoons and forks), knife, small cutting board (if needed), plastic cups, table napkins, bottle opener, etc.

2. Prepare food items depending on the number of people and the time of day you're having a picnic (either for lunch or snacks). It's best to choose dishes that don't spoil easily like adobo, barbecue,  sandwiches, boiled peanuts, sweet corn, and some finger foods. Don't forget condiments like salt and pepper. If you have a cooler, make sure you put ice with the drinks to keep them cold. This container is also ideal for storing cheese or salads made with mayonnaise so they don't spoil in the heat.

2009 -- my son and my friend's son during one of our barkada picnics
3. Pack some fun stuff such as balls, kites, frisbees, jumping rope, etc. that both kids and adults would enjoy playing games with. 

4. Protect everyone's skin by making sure you also have sunscreen, insect repellant lotion or spray, hand sanitizer, and wet wipes. If your picnic location doesn't have a lot of shade, you may likewise want to bring a pop up shade tent or big picnic umbrella.

2011 photo during the Nuffamily Day in Tagaytay
5. Plan for the after-picnic tasks. Have a big trash bag ready for your disposables as well as aluminum foil, plastic wrappers, or extra container with lids for the leftovers. Make sure to clean up and leave your picnic area better than you found it.

So, are you excited to have a picnic soon? FYI, this coming May 10, there would be a Jollibee Grand Picnic event to be held simultaneously in Manila, Laguna, Pampanga, Cebu, and Davao. The Family Bee Day aims to encourage families to go and have fun outdoors. And you can be part of this grandest picnic ever which will make for a special and memorable Mother's Day weekend for your family!

Got questions? Check out Jollibee's FAQs about the family picnic here or log on to for more details. Buy your tickets, bring the whole family, and have fun! :)

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