Friday, April 25, 2014

Samsung Launches Curved Ultra High-Definition (UHD) TV and 2014 Product Lineup

2014 is said to be a big year for entertainment. That was affirmed by Mr. Chung Lyong Lee, Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) President and Managing Director. In a remarkably creative event with a Roman era theme at Blue Leaf Filipinas in Aseana City, the leader in innovation and design launched its latest TV model release: the World’s First Curved Ultra High-Definition (UHD) TV as well as a new product lineup aimed to fulfill the needs and desires of Filipino viewers.

I found the Samsung Curved UHD TV really impressive because it boasts of crisp picture quality that's four times more powerful than that of an FHD screen along with a change in perspective that makes images appear larger and true-to-life. Unlike flat screen TVs, the special curved screen allows for a more realistic viewing experience even from different angles—ensuring that everyone gets the best seat in the house. I think that will make a lot of big households happy!

In addition, the combination of the curved screen and Samsung Proprietary Auto Depth Enhancer UHD technology automatically adjusts contrast for a greater sense of depth and gives a 3D-like effect without requiring glasses. Viewers get to see images coming to life in spectacular color, clarity and detail that only Samsung can give. Really amazing! The color is moreover enhanced using the PurColor technology, which reproduces hues for even more detailed expressions.

Likewise, Samsung incorporated a user-friendly operating system to make the Curved UHD TV easy, fast, and fun to use. I was very fascinated with  the super cool remote control that's unlike any I've ever seen before! Then there's also this multi-link screen feature that allows dual screens to process separate tasks that operate alongside each other. 

Too, side-by-side enjoyment of multiple entertainment portals (think comparing the trailer on vis-à-vis its original cut on Bluray) is now made possible by Samsung’s innovative TV line. You won't have to worry about cutting down on speed performance because of its upgraded processor, the Quad Core Plus, which delivers quicker loading and navigation through tasks and commands. Now, you can browse through the panels for apps, multimedia content, NewsOn features and more with the swift speed of the Samsung SMART TV. 

The Curved UHD SMART TV is available in 78-inches, 65-inches, and 55-inches in all Samsung outlets nationwide. It sells in the range of P300K to P500K depending on series and size.

Apart from the curved UHD TV, Samsung has also tailored its 2014 product lineup with the Filipino viewers in mind. Since we are a country of social media and internet-savvy users, Samsung TVs have internet capability! They also have the Family TV feature that allows for Screen and Sound Capture so you can save your favorite moments on screen for future viewings. All these are automatically and conveniently stored in your USB for easy access.

Love watching sports? There's the Soccer Mode that provides more enjoyable sports-watching experience with optimized picture and sound quality. Soccer fans can now zoom in, auto and manual highlight, and record moments throughout the game for a more interactive and closer look at their favorite sport. And for those hungry for local content, there is Clickplay, (the only Philippine Video-On-Demand App with Hollywood content,) and NewsOn page powered by Yahoo PH. The Flat UHD TVs start at P150K to P400K depending on series and size.

Completing the immersive experience to keep life and design in tune is Samsung's ultra-slim HW-H600 SoundStand, which is a complete audio system that can be wirelessly connected to a SMART TV for the full effects of surround sound television enjoyment. It’s sleek, low-profile design is fit for small spaces around the home, such as the bedroom, and is powered by Multi-Direction technology that creates richer sound and high quality acoustics. The HW-H600 can easily be paired with 32” up to 55” Samsung SMART TVs.

As always, Samsung continues to set the bar in innovation worldwide, combining ground-breaking features with unmatched performance and design to create products that match and anticipate consumers’ needs and desires.  Check out Samsung’s newest lineup of products in appliance stores nationwide.

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