Milo Sports Clinic: Ice Skating in SM Southmall

I personally attribute the sudden popularity of ice skating in the Philippines this year to Michael Martinez, the first Filipino to qualify in the Winter Olympics. It was, after all, a huge accomplishment given that he lives in a tropical country.

Michael deserved the hero's welcome he got last February when he came home from Sochi, Russia. I was among those in the media who covered that event. My youngest son, who writes for Manila Bulletin's Funpage, (read his article on Michael Martinez here) was with me and was apparently impressed and encouraged enough to try the sport.

And so this summer, he decided he wants to learn to ice skate. Fortunately, Milo is holding a sports clinic in SM Southmall's Skating Rink, which is three rides and about an hour away from our house.

orientation with Coach Benjie
This week, Daniel joins the third batch of newbie ice skaters. He's the tallest and the only guy among a group of five. I'm glad it didn't seem to bother him to learn alongside girls who are much younger than he is. He gamely put on a helmet after one of the ice skating staff assisted him with the skate shoes.

Like any other mom, I felt apprehensive during that first lesson, knowing that slipping, sliding, and falling will happen. Yes, they are normal parts of the learning process but I still can't help but worry that he might hurt himself.

Yet, seeing other kids with advanced skating skills effortlessly gliding on the ice was great encouragement that, with practice, he will also soon gain the grace and confidence needed to perform  the difficult moves.

I've always believed that physical activity is always good for kids. A few summers ago, Daniel also took swimming lessons (he wrote about that experience here). Since then, whenever we have family gatherings at my sister's place, which has a pool, I was no longer fearful of letting him swim by himself without supervision.

another batch of enthusiastic learners
For those who'd also like to learn ice skating, SM Southmall has four more batches coming up starting on the following dates: April 21, April 28, May 5, and May 12. Each class has 6 sessions (M, W, F) and costs P3,000. For more information, you may inquire at 800-0426. 

Help your child gain new skills that are sure to boost his confidence and social skills while also strengthening his body. Enroll him, too, in one of Milo's Sports Clinics! There are many activities to choose from. Check the list in Milo's website to see which one your child would be interested in. It would be a good investment for your child's overall development.

photo taken June 1 after the recital
* Click here to see more photos taken during the 2014 Milo Sports Clinic Ice Skating Recital in SM Mall of Asia last June 1, 2014

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